Michael Derek Johns: Notorious Taxi Bank Robber, AKA The ‘Brown Bag Bandit,’ Makes ‘Love Kills’ Episode

Michael Derek Johns, also known as Mike Johns the Brown Bag Bandit, will have his story told on an episode of Investigation Discovery’s Love Kills. Mike Johns (Michael Derek Johns) made headlines eight years ago when he robbed two Bradenton Banks with his lover and girlfriend Lori Davis. The notorious bank robber also robbed several banks in Florida in the 1990s. Police investigators will help provide the narrative for the true story. The case will air under the episode title “Us Against the World.”

Michael Johns was a handsome criminal, a tough guy by all accounts; he had the stance, the look, and the swagger just right. They say Michael Derek Johns loved Lori Davis and was willing to do whatever he needed to do to keep her in his life. As an ex-con and career criminal, there were not many options for Mike Johns to take care of Lori financially. And when all of his options ran out, he turned back to what he knew — a life of crime.

Love Kills will reveal just how they carried out their plan to rob a series of banks for money to fund their lifestyle. According to court records, Lori Davis helped Michael Derek Johns choose which locations to hit. She also helped plan the escape. On at least one occasion, Lori Davis drove one of the getaway cars.

For their next robbery, Michael Johns and Lori Davis decided to use a taxi as the perfect escape.

Authorities say using a taxi service was their undoing. When Lori and Mike struck the SunTrust Bank, Mike walked in and presented the bank teller with a note. Then he ordered him to put the money in a bag. After the robbery, Mike Johns got into a taxicab, where his one and only true love, Lori Davis, was waiting, the Herald Tribune reported.

However, Michael Johns’ plan to leave the bank undetected failed. Witnesses saw him get into a taxi and speed away.

The two lovers then hid out at a Days Inn motel, until a tipster led police directly to them. They were both arrested. At the time, Lori Davis already had a warrant out for her arrest for failing to show up to court on a DUI charge. She was later indicted for aiding Michael Johns in the robberies.

According to the Brandenton Herald, Michael Derek Johns’ sister was devastated to hear news of her brother’s most recent arrest. He had only been out of prison for just a few short months after serving 10 years for previous robberies.

“She viewed the bank security pictures of the robbery and then she broke down in tears and stated that the person in the picture was her brother, Michael Johns. Right now, She is very upset and is willing to cooperate in this case.”

The Bradenton Herald describes how Michael Johns and Lori Davis were finally caught.

“The first break in the case came when witnesses in the SunTrust Bank robbery told detectives the suspect had left the bank in a taxi with a woman in the cab with him. Detectives went back to where the taxi driver said he picked up his fare Thursday, and witnesses there described Davis as the woman in the cab. With Davis as a suspect, investigators located Davis’ father, who told detectives his daughter had been with Johns, which led detectives to Johns’ sister.”

The 1998 charge wasn’t his first conviction. He also did time in prison in 1995. In total, he had spent almost 20 years of his life behind bars.

Watch the Michael Johns and Lori Davis story on tonight’s Love Kills on Investigation Discovery. It airs at 10/9 p.m. Central.

[Featured Image by Florida Dept. of Corrections]