Miami’s DJ Seasunz believed to have killed girlfriend Jaclyn Torrealba

Twitter is buzzing with rumors that popular Miami club dj DJ Seasunz has surrendered to police in the beating death of 18-year-old girlfriend Jaclyn Torrealba.

On Twitter and Facebook, users began tweeting and re-tweeting a plea for Jaclyn’s return:

18 year old Jaclyn Torrealba was last seen at Space Night Club on October 11 at 2am… (number redacted)

According to the Miami Herald, a man walked into a police station Sunday night, lead police to a body in his car and turned himself in to authorities for the murder. While the victim has not been publicly identified, Twitter users and commenters on the article report confirmation from Torrealba’s family that she is the victim in this case.


No comments have yet been made on DJ Seasunz’s Facebook page, and there is no official word that Torrealba has died, but many Miami locals are posting memorial tweets and condolences to the Torrealba family. We will update with details as they become available.