‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Pregnant Hayden Fights Brad To Save Finn, Fayden Baby Coming!

General Hospital spoilers from this week’s soap magazines share the amazing spoiler that Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) is pregnant with Dr. Hamilton Finn’s (Michael Easton) baby, which is an exciting twist for this couple but also makes it more important for Hayden to clear her man’s name. Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) needs to watch out with Hayden gunning for him.

Whose Urine Nails Brad?

We saw last week on General Hospital that Hayden and Finn pleaded with Dr. Handsome Man of God Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) to believe Finn that he was clean of Zen Zen, and the drug test results were wrong. Griffin’s doubt centered on two positive test results.

Hayden is certain Brad is scheming to take down her man, and she’s on the right track. When Griffin and Finn went to collect the urine sample, it seems Griffin substituted someone else’s urine for Finn’s to trick the lab tech in case it is Brad that’s scheming.

Positive Drug Test, Brad In Trouble

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, May 12 from Soap Central reveal Hayden is caught off guard and it is about the test results, but not in the way Hayden suspected. Griffin is stunned when a urine sample he knows is drug-free comes back positive.

That points the finger right at Brad Cooper as the culprit who is setting Finn up to take a fall. Brad is long overdue for a major comeuppance for all his evil doing, and it seems the fat lady has sung. Brad will finally go down, and it will be stunning.

Baby Shocker – Bad News Or Good?

In addition to the positive drug test, General Hospital spoilers hint there is another surprise lurking for Hayden. Griffin takes a look at the lab results and notices the urine has high HGH (human growth hormone), which, in a woman, is a sure sign of early pregnancy.

So not only were Finn and Hayden right about Brad setting up Finn, but Hayden also has baby news in store. So, how will she take the news? Is this a bad or a good thing considering her recent health scare and Finn’s addiction? Could the timing be worse for a Fayden baby?

Blackwood And Zekenestrol Bad For Baby?

With both Finn and Hayden recently recovering from Blackwood Syndrome, General Hospital spoilers predict the expectant parents will be worried whether their shared illness might affect the baby’s health. But even worse, did Finn’s ongoing use of Zen Zen somehow harm Hayden’s baby?

Drug use is never good, but it is usually worse when it’s the mother taking the drugs. Although you might remember from recent General Hospital history, Hayden also had to take Zekenestrol. There’s also a question of when she got pregnant given their tumultuous storyline recently.

Brad’s Punishment: Fired And Dumped?

New General Hospital spoilers predict after Hayden gets the baby news, she’ll be doubly committed to clearing Finn’s name, and that means taking Brad down. The dirty double dealer deserves it, but just how bad will things get for Brad? Will he lose his GH job?

It’s long overdue for him to be fired from General Hospital for all his test tampering and lab shenanigans but will that rebound onto his marriage with Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes)? Lucas hates Brad’s dark side, and this betrayal could be a deal breaker. Will Lucas leave Brad over his latest scheme?

Ryan Carnes Leaving General Hospital?

There have been several General Hospital spoilers and rumors rumbling over the past six months hinting that Ryan Carnes might walk away from GH since he’s not getting a lot of scene time, and he has been pursuing outside projects including film work.

As of now, Ryan Carnes has one movie, Encounter, coming out this year, and another, La Boda de Valentina, coming out in 2018. In addition, he’s been cast in a new film shooting soon called Amaranth which is in the post-apocalyptic genre, and he’s one of the top-billed stars.

Is Rebecca Budig Pregnant In Real Life?

So far, General Hospital spoilers say that Hayden is pregnant on the soap, but no word from Rebecca Budig if she’s working on baby number two. Rebecca’s daughter, Charlotte Jo Benson, was born in September 2014, so it’s perfect timing for another.

Rebecca and husband Michael Benson wed in 2012. So far, there are no hints from Budig’s social media if there is a baby on the way. Often, General Hospital doesn’t write in real life pregnancy as they’re doing now with Lulu Spencer (Emme Rylan) and hiding her growing bump.

For Fayden fans, this baby news is a thrill and will give Dr. Finn another reason to stay off the drugs and win Hayden back despite their recent woes fueled by his addiction. We’ll see the Fayden baby news spark at the end of this week according to General Hospital spoilers.

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