Cinnamon For Weight Loss: Study Claims Spice Can Reduce Harms Caused By High-Fat Diet, Lose Belly Fat

Cinnamon can help in weight loss a new study claims

Cinnamon may help stop fat from accumulating on the belly, a new study claims. This favorite spice can slow down the process of fat-storing in the body and also reduce the risk of heart diseases that result from unhealthy eating practices.

Researchers who presented their findings on Saturday at the American Heart Association’s conference said that cinnamon can reduce the risk of damage to the body caused by a high-fat diet by activating the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant systems.

To arrive at their findings, the scientists conducted the study on rats, putting them on a high-fat diet and, at the same time, giving them cinnamon supplements for 12 weeks. The rats were then compared to a different group (control) that was put on the same diet but were not given the popular spice.

Cinnamon has plenty of health benefits

The researchers found that the group of rodents taking cinnamon supplements tend to weigh less and had less belly fat compared to the control group. Also, the study showed that rats eating a high-fat diet and cinnamon also had healthier levels of blood glucose and insulin compared to the other group.

The new study also found that rats taking cinnamon supplements had fewer molecules that are responsible for storing fat in the body and had more anti-inflammatory and antioxidant molecules that reduce the damage brought about by stress.

The health benefits of cinnamon may have been demonstrated in the animal study, but researchers are now hopeful that similar effects can be seen in humans.

There have been claims involving cinnamon as a great weight loss aid, especially when consumed together with honey. It was believed that when these two ingredients are mixed together in a drink, it can be a great addition to a weight-loss regimen. This claim was based on the weight-loss properties of each ingredient as shown in separate studies.

In 2008, a published study investigated the weight-loss effects of honey compared to sugar, in which overweight and obese participants who took honey lost 1.3 percent of their body weight compared to the group that took sugar. Researchers stated that this reduction was only mild.

Cinnamon, on the other hand, was part of a study that investigated its effect on satiety in subjects, which can help those who are aiming to shed the extra pounds. However, this study in 2007 found that the home ingredient didn’t affect satiety at all. Scientists have yet to prove if honey and cinnamon mixed together can reduce weight significantly.

Whether cinnamon and honey are good together for weight loss or not has yet to be proven by scientific studies. There have also been claims that the mixture can help rid the body of toxins, but more scientific evidence is needed to back these claims. Still, previous studies on cinnamon showed that the ingredient indeed has other health benefits.

Cinnamon and honey are claimed to be great as a weight loss aid

In 2014, Rush University Medical Center researchers in Chicago found that cinnamon can reverse brain changes that are associated with Parkinson’s disease, as seen in a study involving rats. Lead researcher and neurology professor Floyd A. Davis said at that time that the findings could potentially be one of the safest approaches to halt disease progression in Parkinson’s patients.” The liver converts cinnamon into sodium benzoate, a drug approved to be used in the management of brain disorders.

In 2016, the same team found that the spice can also help improve learning skills. The study was done on rats that were observed to be poor learners. After the rats took ground cinnamon, their learning abilities improved. However, it was found that cinnamon did not significantly improve learning in rats that were already good learners. The findings of this 2016 study were published in the Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology.

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