Beating Sugar Addiction

For those who have been on social media for a while, stories about people beating sugar addiction are nothing new. But how about beating sugar addiction by using sugar, fat, and carbs?

That’s exactly how Holly Evelyn, a 26-year-old from Brisbane who was addicted to sugar, lost nearly 40 kilograms. Evelyn, who had been addicted to sugar, cookies, chocolate, and takeaways, managed to go from 105 kilos to 66 kilos.

There are quite a few ways to crush your sugar addiction nowadays, from going through extreme lifestyle changes to literally crushing, smashing, mushing, and splattering it at an asylum for sugar addicts, according to DNA Info.

While Evelyn says she had spent years boring herself with cutting sugar altogether from her diet and trying the typical bodybuilder diet, which usually includes lots of chicken, rice, and broccoli, it wasn’t until she started eating chocolate and pizza in moderation that she started to lose weight and break free from her sugar addiction.

Evelyn outlined her seemingly nonsense weight-loss routine in an interview with the Daily Mail Australia. The 26-year-old woman, who had been addicted to sugar for years, says she never realized that she was “bigger” even when she weighed 105 kg.

It wasn’t until Evelyn developed tonsillitis four years ago that the doctors made her step on the scales and find out that she weighed 105 kilos.

“It’s funny because when you’re bigger, you never look at yourself as bigger – you don’t realize your size.”

And that’s where Evelyn’s then-not-so-successful weight-loss journey started. Evelyn, who says she would for years survive on a diet of takeaways, cookies, and chocolate, spent three years trying to eliminate her sugar addiction by entirely living without sugar.

“It was basically a three year battle.”

Evelyn tried several challenges to stop being addicted to sugar, including the bodybuilder-style diets, but she had little to no success; something that many folks who are trying to shed pounds out there are probably familiar with.

The problem with bodybuilder-style diets for people struggling with sugar addiction is that after you eat a tiny bit of “bad” sugary food following a diet full of vegetables and chicken breasts, there’s this unbearable feeling of self-loathing that can destroy motivation.

“Before I would eat my chicken, rice and broccoli and feel good, and then eat something bad later and be filled with self-loathing.”

Evelyn knew that something was fundamentally wrong with her weight-loss approach, so she discovered the Drew Baird fitness method, which worked “for my mind and my body,” the 26-year-old says.

“My sugar addiction is no longer in control of me.”

The main difference between the Drew Baird approach and all other strict diets out there is that you don’t need to cut sugar out in order to eliminate sugar addiction.

Evelyn, who had been unable to suppress her sugar cravings for years, says the method offers “that perfect balance of carbs, fat and sugar.”

Going from 105 kg to 66 kg in just 18 months, Evelyn says she can enjoy eating chocolate and pasta in moderation and not become victim to the unbearable self-loathing afterward.

Evelyn, who had been addicted to sugar for years, says the Drew Baird fitness method taught her the power of restraint. The 26-year-old woman says she has been losing weight rapidly while still eating the things that she loves.

Evelyn says she complements her diet with physical activity, which also plays a big role when it comes to eating the things you enjoy.

“Now if I have one chocolate or let myself enjoy a takeaway, I plan for it, enjoy it and get back on the wagon with some gentle cardio the next day.”

Evelyn, who had struggled with mood swings caused by sugar addiction for quite a while, says there has also been a major improvement in her mind.

“I love myself now. I don’t pick at things I hate, I eat what I enjoy.”

A typical daily diet of Evelyn includes 150 grams of baked beans with 1/4 of an avocado and eggs for breakfast, which is followed by sweet Greek yogurt and berries. For lunch, the former sugar addict treats herself to Moroccan-style chicken, broccoli, sweet potato chips, and asparagus. And Evelyn can finish her day with dinner that includes goat’s cheese carbonara on her plate.

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