Pippa Middleton, 12 Days To Wedding, Invites Meghan Markle & Prince Harry, Triggering Engagement Ring Rumor

Pippa Middleton is the star of 2017’s It wedding. After years of unsuccessful dating, the sister of Kate Middleton is finally marrying James Matthews. The couple decided on an intimate wedding, choosing a small venue for their reception, which meant that the fans were not sure if Prince Harry was allowed to bring his girlfriend Meghan Markle along.

But with just two weeks to go till the big day, it has been revealed that Pippa has extended the wedding invitation to the American actress, who has been intensely linked with Prince Harry for the past few months.

While the 33-year-old English socialite has enforced a strict “no ring, no bring” policy — meaning that one’s plus one has to be one’s fiance or spouse — it looks like she is willing to be a little lax towards her royal brother-in-law.

It turns out that Meghan Markle “will attend the wedding, despite being neither married nor engaged to Prince Harry,” according to Daily Telegraph. Considering that Meghan will soon become part of the family, it probably was a smart decision on Pippa and James’ part to fold her into the mix.

Other members of the royal family that the bride is folding into her wedding are her niece and nephew, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The prince will be the page boy while his younger sister walks behind Pippa as one of her bridesmaids. By doing this, Pippa is following the tradition of her older sister Kate Middleton, “who chose three-year-old Eliza Lopes, the Duchess of Cornwall’s granddaughter, as her youngest bridesmaid for her royal wedding,” according to Elle UK.

As for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the tabloids are expecting that it is only a matter of time before they announce their union.


“He and Meghan Markle aren’t engaged yet as far as anybody knows, but they may as well be, considering the various steps that have been taken on Markle’s part to align her lifestyle more closely with the palace ideal,” reports E! Online. “And while a proposal seemed imminent for a variety of reasons anyway, the actress’ appearance on the sidelines of the royal’s polo match over the weekend added a heightened sense of inevitability to their relationship.”

So when the prince and the American actress appear at Pippa’s wedding, it will not just solidify their relationship, but also get the public used to the idea of them being a couple.

Whatever concessions that Pippa and James had to make for their wedding, it looks like the lovebirds are not internalizing the copious amount of stress.

“[I]t appears that Pippa Middleton and James Matthews can’t hide their delight at the prospect of becoming man and wife,” reports Daily Mail. “The couple looked madly in love and couldn’t keep their eyes – or their hands – off one another as they attended a church service in Chelsea on Sunday with friends. Wearing a chic and feminine pink and cream designer coat, which perfectly complemented her cream dress underneath and nude shoes, Pippa gazed longingly into her 41-year-old fiance’s eyes as they waited outside the venue.”


The English socialite has been doing a lot of prep work for the big day. Although she already has a fit body, thanks to the many races, marathons, and hikes that she does for charity, she especially took care to tone herself up to look good in her dress.

She also has been attending lessons with her fiance to get ready for the next phase of their lives.

“Pippa Middleton and her fiance James Matthews have been undergoing Christian pre-marital counselling sessions in the run up to their wedding later this month,” reports Daily Mail. “Topics covered include ‘in laws and family issues’ – hopefully not a problem for Pippa, 33, and James – sex, communication, children, coping with conflict and money.”

Let’s hope that they will not run into any serious trouble as a couple!

Do you think Pippa was glad to make concessions for Meghan or do you think she was told by the royal palace to extend the invitation? Let us know in the comments section below!

[Featured Images by Jon Furniss and Jordan Strauss/AP Images]