Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Tripp Saves An Unlikely Character

Days of Our Lives spoilers are here, and it looks like Tripp is about to save an unlikely character. Any guesses? If you thought it might be his half-brother, Joey, then you would be right.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Tripp will unknowingly save the one person he’s trying to take down. According to spoilers, Joey is going to wind up in a tricky situation, and he needs to get out. When things get a little intense for him, his half-brother will be there to rescue him, proving that he’s a loyal brother; at least for now. It’s said that while he will be grateful for his brother’s help, Joey will also feel a huge amount of guilt.

As Days of Our Lives spoilers stated in the past, Joey knows that he is looking for Ava’s killer. He has been on this journey to take down his biological mother’s killer since he arrived in Salem and found out that she was no longer alive. While Steve covered for his son, Joey, by lying to his other son, Tripp didn’t exactly believe the story he told him.

As Days of Our Lives fans know, Joey had no choice but to take out Ava. She was crazy and out to get the whole family. If someone didn’t do something to her, she was going to create major damage. Of course, Tripp wasn’t around for that, so he probably wouldn’t understand Joey’s motives for killing his mother.

For right now, Days of Our Lives spoilers state that he is focused on his theory about Kayla. He thinks that she’s the one that’s murdered his mother, Ava, but he couldn’t be more wrong about that. Since he’s gotten into town, Joey has been worried that he’s seconds away from being found out, but so far, that hasn’t happened. Still, he’s been on edge, and spoilers say that he’s not going to find any relief over this matter anytime soon.

For those Days of Our Lives fans who haven’t been following this particular storyline, Steve told Tripp that Ava was his assignment that he was ordered to “take out.” This isn’t the first time Steve lied about Ava’s death. He originally gave a false confession to Roman to get Joey out of trouble. If Roman would’ve found out that it was Steve’s son, that would have meant possible jail time. So, one would think that Steve would be better at lying about this particular confession, but then again, it wouldn’t be Days of Our Lives if there wasn’t some drama looming ahead.

In other Days of Our Lives spoilers, Lani is hiding the truth about her withdrawal symptoms from JJ. As we know, Lani had to take drugs to get out of a dangerous situation after a pimp discovered she was an undercover cop. It was either her life or her sobriety, and she chose to take the powerful drug. Her life was in grave danger until she was rushed to the hospital, but now that she’s resting up, she’s lying to JJ about her withdrawal symptoms.

Days of Our Lives fans will watch Lani go through withdrawal in her hospital bed. Due to having four hits of halo, her body desperately wants more, but she’s ashamed to tell this to JJ. Her other motive is to get released from the hospital soon, and she knows that if she shows any signs of withdrawal, she’ll have to stay under close watch. Days of Our Lives spoilers state that once she’s out of the hospital, she’ll want to get more halo, and of course, all of this will be one big secret.

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