Kailyn Lowry Baby: Here’s Why ‘Teen Mom’ Star Should Just Move To Los Angeles

Kailyn Lowry Baby influences move to LA?

Kailyn Lowry recently graduated with her bachelor’s degree, and she’s ready to start a career for herself. This Teen Mom 2 star is the only one to go to college and graduate with a degree, and she’s excited about getting a job so she can make money to support herself and her children. But Lowry may not have a job lined up in Delaware. Instead, Kailyn could be thinking about what to do with herself as she’s about to give birth to her third child. And on Twitter, Lowry revealed that she could be thinking about relocating to Los Angeles. However, would she be able to with her children, as the fathers are living close by her now?

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry revealed a dream to relocate to Los Angeles, and she may be thinking about a move because she has her education now and could be thinking about a job in the film and television industry. The only thing holding her back could be a custody issue in regards to Lincoln and Isaac. Surely, the fathers won’t allow her to take the children away to California.

“LA is really my second home,” Kailyn Lowry tweeted randomly this week on the social media network, which caused several people to chime in about the move.

“I would be embarrassed if I spent all the time she does away from her kids,” one person wrote to Kailyn Lowry, slamming her decision to spend time away from her kids, while another person added, “When the show is over will it still be! Oh, I forgot your famous! LMAO!”

If Kailyn Lowry really wants to move to Los Angeles, she should just pack her bags and go if she can work out an agreement with Jo Rivera and Javi Marroquin. It may be an uphill battle to convince the fathers that the move to Los Angeles is the right one, but if she wants to move to further her career, Kailyn should have every right to explore that option. But she may have a tough time convincing Jo and Javi, as they are both in Delaware because of her and the children.

Even though Kailyn Lowry may be thinking about relocating to Los Angeles, she should be proud of what she has accomplished thus far. Even though she has a failed marriage, a divorce and three children with three different men in her life, she has one thing that none of the other Teen Mom 2 stars have: a college-level education. And Lowry recently opened up about how it has taken her six years to complete her education.

“If you follow any amount of the show, you know I’ve been struggling to get through school and earn my bachelor’s over the last 6 years… Yes, 6 years. Between teen motherhood, financial hurdles in the beginning, then moving to a new state, marriage, babies and divorce… and then of course just wanting to give up, I (barely) held on and I’m FINALLY graduating May 13! This has been an extremely long and emotional road for me and for my family. Yesterday my good friend, Jenn was sooooo sweet and did my graduation pictures with the boys and of course my baby bump!” Kailyn Lowry revealed on her personal website, sharing that she’s thrilled about finally being done with her schooling.

Even though Kailyn has three children with three different men, she should act on her desire to move to Los Angeles. Of course, she shouldn’t do it without the consent of the fathers, but if she can work out an agreement with them, she should be able to pursue her passion.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s tweet about moving to Los Angeles? Do you think Javi and Jo would support such a move?

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