Abby Lee Miller Slammed By ‘Dance Moms’ Stars And Fans For Prison Fate: Best Social Media Shade

Abby Lee Miller is heading off to prison, and Dance Moms stars and fans are reacting to the news of the former reality TV star’s jail sentence with everything from not-too-well-hidden giggles to social media shade. Some on Reddit offered a play-by-play of the court hearing, complete with gleeful wit, while Twitter went wild with jokes. And Instagram didn’t neglect the Dance Moms diva, with some pirouetting for the opportunity to slam Abby Lee.

Miller’s prison sentence marks the grand finale of her bankruptcy fraud case, which stretched out for more than a year and even changed the course of Dance Moms. After hearing the charges, including that she allegedly hid some of her income from Dance Moms through secret bank accounts and smuggled it into the country via customs, Abby Lee received a prison sentence of a year and a day, reported EW.

Abby Lee Miller, "Dance Moms" star, is getting slammed by fans after the news that she has been sentenced to prison.
Abby Lee Miller, "Dance Moms" star, is getting slammed by fans after the news that she has been sentenced to prison. [Image by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP Images]

Upon hearing the news of the Dance Moms star’s fate, many Dance Moms fans and haters turned to Twitter to react. One detractor mocked the possibility of a spin-off, featuring the reality TV star’s fate in jail.

“I still can’t believe Abby Lee Miller is going to jail… Can’t​ wait for her new TV show, Dance Mates: Prison Edition.”

Others envisioned precisely what would take place, tweeting visions of the Dance Moms diva teaching classes behind bars.

Abby Lee Miller takes a moment to bond with a "Dance Moms" star.
Abby Lee Miller takes a moment to bond with a "Dance Moms" star. [Image by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP Images]

“Maybe Abby Lee Miller can get together a group of inmates and do a dance recital for the annual Prison Christmas Gala,” tweeted one Dance Moms follower.

Some noted Miller’s shocking reaction to her sentencing, during which she reportedly asked to have her photo taken from a certain angle as she beamed and hinted at a possible new reality TV show awaiting her in the future.


There were even comparisons to Donald Trump.

“Abby Lee Miller sentenced to prison for fraud. Deplorables made Donald Trump president,” tweeted one commentator.

And then there was Rosie O’Donnell, who tweeted out her reaction to the news about the Dance Moms diva. Famed for her comedic talents, O’Donnell declared that she wants to play the role in the inevitable Broadway musical.


On Reddit, comments also tended to snickers rather than sympathy, with some pondering what will happen to Dance Moms in the future and others just enjoying the opportunity to snark. Noting that some Dance Moms mothers reportedly had laughed at the prison sentence, Reddit users tended to be more sympathetic to the moms.

“It’s not like they hate this woman for no reason. This may be a tv show to us, but this was their life,” pointed out one Reddit user. “I’m sure after the way she treated their children they’re relieved some good karma came their way.”

The Dance Moms Instagram account broke the news, and some fans flocked there to voice their views.

Some hoped that stars who left Dance Moms in previous seasons would return for a reality TV show minus Abby Lee Miller.

“I think that means that Maddie, Mackenzie and their mom Melissa should return to to the show since Abby received a 1 year and 1 day sentence,” wrote one Dance Moms fan.

Over on the Dance Moms official spoilers Instagram account, a photo of Miller’s “enemies” toasting her demise went viral. Some past Dance Moms stars, including former Dance Moms mothers Christi Lukasiak and Kelly Hyland, beamed in the picture. (Both Christi and Kelly shared the same photo on their separate Instagram accounts, with Christi writing “Cheers!” and Kelly asking “Who is the happiest.”)

The official spoilers Dance Moms photo admitted that it was “wrong” to celebrate Abby Lee’s prison sentence, but did so anyway.

“This is wrong on so many levels…[Abby Lee’s] enemies celebrate her being jailed for a year,” read the caption.

As for how followers reacted, some felt that it’s the moms rather than Miller who have made the show, contending that Dance Moms can pirouette forever without its inaugural leader.

“Abby would be nowhere without Christi,” wrote one fan of former Dance Moms mother Christi. “Christi is the whole reason for the show even beginning to happen.”

Deadline reported that during Miller’s court hearing, her “sometimes on-air adversaries Christi Lukasiak and Kelly Hyland” were sitting behind the Dance Moms star.

Their presence was notable because of the verbal battles that the two former Dance Moms mothers had with the reality TV star over their daughters. Hyland infamously sued Abby Lee in 2014 for assault, defamation, and destruction of her property.

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