Teen Who Attacked Elderly Woman At Pool Party Turned Himself Into Police [Update]

[Updated May 9, 2017 10:11 a.m. EST]

The young man behind the pool party assault of an elderly woman in North Lauderdale, Florida, has been arrested for his crime.

A local Miami news station reported on the development early on Tuesday morning. The accused, who's only 16 years old, turned himself into law enforcement Monday evening after realizing that social media users had found out who he was.

"I messed up and I have to own up to it," he is reported to have said.

More information has come out about the victim, Nancy James, who happens to be the head of the Board of Directors for the property where the party was taking place. The police report on the incident says that the police had been contacted to take action for the loud noise of the pool party, but when they didn't respond in a timely fashion, she and a friend decided to go over there themselves, oblivious to the fact of what would happen. There were reportedly close to 200 young partygoers in attendance when they arrived.

James is reportedly on the mend from recent hip surgery. She refused to comment to the press about the ordeal upon the arrest, saying she'd speak to them after she was done conversing with authorities.

A witness to the assault insists that the teen did not mean for himself and Nancy to fall to the ground in what people are calling a "body slam," but rather he slipped on the watery surface and that's what brought the two crashing down. Whether or not this is true, it appears he did intend to throw James into the water, seemingly uncaring about any injuries she may have sustained from the fall and the two dogs connected to her via leashes.

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A video showing a young black man violently assaulting an elderly white woman at a pool party in Florida has made its way around the internet.

According to the below tweet, the Politically Incorrect channel of forum site 4chan (/pol/), which is the same group that singled out Eric Clanton, has helped to identify the perpetrator.

The video is less than a minute long and shows the brutal assault up close. Out of nowhere, an African American male, took the woman by the waist and slammed her against the pavement. The onslaught doesn't end there, as he then picks the lady up and tosses her into the pool, her two canines in tow.

The party, which was hosted by a group called Block Boyz, was named "Project Splash," and according to social media posts, this is not the first time they've held a pool party. Because of the attack, however, Block Boyz are hesitant to throw another one.

The Block Boyz have proclaimed their innocence of the assault, which has been dubbed by the alt-right as a "racially motivated hate crime."

As for alleged attacker, there is a lot of information going around about him on social media. Some chatter identifies him as supposedly the son of a convicted killer.

The victim has been identified as well. Her name is Nancy James and she's 68-years-old. Though she was shaken from the ordeal, she walked away with only minor injuries, as reported by the Miami Herald. Broward County authorities are said to be investigating the assault. It doesn't appear any official source has concluded the teen who has allegedly been identified by internet users to be the perpetrator at this time.

This is a developing story. Please check back here for updates.

Editor's note: this story has been amended from its original version, which included the identity of the teen in question, upon the discovery that he is a minor.

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