‘Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Adam Recast Coming At Last – Breaking News From ‘Y&R’ Insider

Young and The Restless spoilers have been churning lately about Adam Newman (formerly Justin Hartley, Michael Muhney, etc.), but now the truth is out there. The ever reliable Jamey Giddens from Daytime Confidential has spilled some tea from his inside sources at Y&R. Gidden revealed on his podcast today that Mal Young is recasting the role of Adam Newman – and it's likely to be someone outside of soapdom, which is an interesting twist. Here's what is known so far.

Justin Hartley Will "Never Be Back"

Anyone watching The Young and The Restless knows that Justin Hartley was a juggernaut who was amazing on Y&R, but he burned too bright and made his way to primetime and the big hit This Is Us. Despite a number of tabloid sites publishing that Justin Hartley would be back to The Young and The Restless for this sweeps or that, Y&R head writer Sally Sussman told TV Insider, "Justin Hartley will never be back. He's too successful now. He's gone."

Michael Muhney Is Not Coming Back

Young and The Restless spoilers from the Y&R rumor mill have been working overtime trying to convince fans that Michael Muhney would return as Adam Newman, but now that seems to be bunk as well. The hype got so big that even Michael Muhney started to believe he could get the part back. Muhney openly encouraged fans to contact Y&R showrunner Mal Young via Twitter about bringing him back and also handed out Twitter addresses for CBS head of daytime Angelica Daniel and other reps who might help him get the part back. But Jamey Giddens says it will be a new face to Y&R, not Michael Muhney.

Who Will Be The Adam Newman Recast?

Young and The Restless spoilers straight from Jamey Giddens, who always gets the good dirt from his insiders at all the soaps, state, "They ain't looking at anyone from daytime for that part."

Jamey added they have a "no daytime mantra over there" at Y&R when it comes to casting and called it "absurd" that The Young and the Restless won't pull from the existing herd of daytime actors, where there is some solid talent. Jamey and co-hosts Luke Kerr and Jillian Bowe discussed the Adam Newman recast reveal on Daytime Confidential'sweekly podcast No. 857 dated Monday, May 8.

Roger Howarth's Name Debated

For those Young and The Restless fans who also watch ABC's General Hospital, Jamey Giddens confirmed that Roger Howarth, who plays reformed serial killer Franco Baldwin, is still in contract talks and has not been locked down for a renewal by ABC. Daytime Confidential co-host Luke Kerr teased that Roger could be the Adam recast, which sparked a lively debate over Roger being too old, even with The Young and The Restless putting Adam Newman through a serious soap opera rapid aging syndrome (SORAS) writing twist. Adam was born in 1995, so he should be just 21 now. Michael Muhney and Justin Hartley are 41 and 40, respectively, while Roger Howarth is 48. It seems a stretch, plus there's the no-hiring-from-soaps conundrum.

Adam's Return Means Christian's Paternity Reveal

Young and The Restless spoilers also reminds fans that Sally Sussman said in the same interview with TV Insider, "When and if an Adam comes up, then we'll deal with it. I'm not looking to bring that character back nor do I want to do a paternity reveal involving a character who is off-camera."

Sussman also said she didn't want Philly back as a couple, but Y&R's Mal Young made that happen. Now it seems Young will play the ratings game with this Adam Newman recast that will soon have fans in a twist. With Adam coming back, it seems natural that Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) will learn the bad DNA news about his presumed son, Christian Newman.

There was no casting date mentioned in the podcast, but according to Jamey (who always gets good scoops), the Adam Newman recast search is on. You can listen to this podcast on iTunes or Google Play. The entire Daytime Confidential podcast is worth a listen, but you can skip to the one-hour mark to get the Newman news and find out the latest on the Adam recast from these Young and The Restless spoilers.

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