‘One Punch Man’ Season 2 Release Date Possibly Set For Spring 2018, Might Feature 13-Episode Hero Hunter Arc

One Punch Man Season 2 has been in the rumor mill for years now, but official details about the upcoming anime continue to beguile even the most avid fans of the deconstructed shounen series. With production on OPM Season 2 already confirmed, speculations have continued to emerge about the possible release date of the popular anime series. If these predictions prove right, avid One Punch Man fans might be able to see their favorite overpowered hero return to the small screen by Spring 2018, if it does not make the 2017 deadline.

Speculations about One Punch Man Season 2 have abounded since the anime’s first season ended. While most of these rumors proved false, official details about the progress of the second season have recently emerged. The most notable among these was the announcement that OPM Season 2 has already left pre-production sometime in March of 2017. The number of episodes that the second season would feature remains unknown, though expectations are high that the upcoming anime would run for one cour, or 12 to 13 episodes.

Initial speculations have predicted that One Punch Man Season 2 might see a release date sometime late 2017. This is, of course, if the production of the anime continues without any hiccups and is immediately ready for release as soon as it is completed. Considering that OPM has become a massive franchise since the first season aired back in 2015, there is a good chance that the second season might be released with far more fanfare than its predecessor. This might, of course, result in a slight delay in the upcoming anime’s debut, but it would all but ensure the anime’s top-notch quality.

A ComicBook report stated that if One Punch Man ended pre-production in March, there is a good chance that the upcoming anime might not debut until sometime in Spring 2018. This is partly due to the complex nature and enormous workload entailed in producing a shounen anime such as OPM, especially since the series has made a name for itself by featuring some of the smoothest non-CGI animation in recent years. With OPM Season 2 most likely shunning CGI once more, the chances of a later release date become even higher.

One Punch Man Season 2 would probably cover the manga’s Hero Hunter arc, which featured Garou, Silver Fang’s student who went bad over the years. Vowing to destroy the strongest heroes in the land, Garou eventually becomes Saitama’s antithesis, in the way that both characters are initially ordinary humans who simply surpassed their limits and attained almost limitless strength, as stated by the franchise’s fans in online forums such as Reddit. Since the Hero Hunter arc covers a lot of character background and intense battles, there is a good chance that the upcoming anime would feature around 13 episodes during its run.

If One Punch Man Season 2 does end up with 12 to 13 episodes, its animation would most likely be completed by November to December 2017. While voice acting and sound mixing would also have been already completed by this time, the anime would most likely enter post-production afterward. Publicity for the upcoming series would also need to be initiated, which would result in a likely Spring 2018 debut.

A Spring 2018 debut for One Punch Man Season 2 would actually make a lot of sense, considering that the anime has a massive, extremely dedicated fanbase. After all, the upcoming season would most likely cover an arc that is surprisingly heavy on plot and character development. Thus, the producers of One Punch Man would be wise to take their time in order to ensure that the upcoming anime would be exactly as great as its most avid fans deserve.

[Featured Image by Madhouse]