‘Once Upon A Time’ Fans ‘Angry,’ ‘Devastated,’ & Threatening To Boycott After Jennifer Morrison Quits

Once Upon a Time star Jennifer Morrison confirmed that she would be leaving the ABC drama after six seasons on May 8. Now, “angry” and “devastated” fans are lashing out and threatening to boycott the show going forward.

OUAT viewers reacted in shock to the news that Jennifer would not be renewing her contract with the ABC fantasy for a seventh season. Many fans weren’t afraid to let both Jennifer and ABC know that they’re not exactly pleased with the decision by threatening to boycott the show if Season 7 does, in fact, go ahead.

While it’s still up in the air if Once Upon a Time will get a Season 7, some shocked fans flocked to social media to make it clear that they’re planning to boycott the series and won’t be tuning into another round of shows without Jennifer, who has appeared on OUAT since it first began.

“If OUAT continues I will not be watching… this story was Emma’s journey and with [Morrison] not continuing it is no longer that,” @harleymaej wrote of a possible boycott without Jennifer.

Twitter user @ButtercoupOUAT hit back on the social media site amid the boycott and quitting news, writing, “I won’t watch without Emma, and most viewers I know are ready to quit after next week’s episode. You need Emma for Once to survive.”

‘Once Upon A Time’ Fans 'Angry' & Threating To Boycott After Jennifer Morrison Quits
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“Now that Jen is leaving OUAT I don’t care if there is a S7 [because] I won’t watch it,” @holydakotamayi added of not watching the drama and boycotting the fantasy show following Morrison’s decision to quit, adding that the actress “was the main reason I watched.”

Other Once Upon a Time fans made it very clear that they were not happy with Morrison quitting the show, tweeting that they were seriously “angry,” “sad,” and “devastated” over her quitting announcement and very sudden departure, which appeared to come as a big shock to the majority of OUAT’s biggest fans.

“It makes me so sad and angry to think about how much potential OUAT had to make such an iconic ending but na,” @jareauchele hit back at the possibility of Morrison’s character, Emma Swan, not getting a proper ending due to her suddenly quitting Once Upon a Time.

“I feel happy for Jen for wanting to go on with her life & do new stuff but at the same time f*****g angry [because] OUAT won’t have a proper ending,” Once Upon a Time fan @spiketomybuffy added of the star quitting as other viewers called for a boycott.

But while some fans were seriously angry and threatening to boycott over the news that Morrison would no longer appear on OUAT, others were a little quicker to support the actress’ decision to quit after six seasons as she prepares to take on new challenges beyond the popular ABC show.

'Once Upon a Time' fans threatening to boycott over Jennifer Morrison quits
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Amid the boycott backlash, OUAT fan @lolidedicado wrote they were “devastated” about Jennifer quitting but still “happy” for the star to move on and pursue other interests. Meanwhile, OUAT viewer @holdmewatson shared a pretty similar sentiment on the 140-character site after the quitting news broke.

Jennifer confirmed that she was quitting Once Upon a Time after six seasons in a very lengthy Instagram post uploaded to her account on May 8, in which she confirmed she would not be renewing her contract and would be quitting OUAT after “very careful consideration.”

ABC has not yet confirmed if Season 7 of Once Upon a Time will go ahead amid the boycott backlash. However, if fans’ reactions are anything to go by, another season could potentially see a pretty big ratings dip.

Will you be watching Once Upon a Time following the news Jennifer Morrison is quitting? What do you think of OUAT fans threatening to boycott the show?

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