’13 Reasons Why’ Season 2: Star Miles Heizer Shuts Down Popular Fan Theory About Alex

Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why won’t hit Netflix until 2018, but that hasn’t stopped fans from theorizing about Alex’s fate. At the end of Season 1, Alex was rushed to the ICU after being shot in the head. It isn’t clear who shot Alex, but some fans believe it may have been Tyler. What did Miles Heizer say about the popular fan theory?

According to Elite Daily, the theory is based on the idea that Tyler was planning on shooting some of his classmates. After all, Tyler has a box full of guns and ammunition and hangs photos of his fellow students in his room. Although there’s no telling what Tyler is thinking, Heizer, who plays Alex, shut down the theory and believes Alex more than likely committed suicide.

“It was interesting to see similarities between Alex and Hannah because there are a lot of warning signs throughout the season,” he shared.


The other element to Alex’s fate is whether he survives the gunshot wound. Heizer is optimistic that Alex will pull through and hopes that the topic of suicide gets more attention in Season 2.

“That’s another subject that’s very rarely shown onscreen and is probably a lot more common than people think it is,” he explained. “People attempting to take their lives and it not happening, I’m sure that will bring a crazy set of issues. It would be interesting to go into that.”

This doesn’t completely rule out the potential for a school shooting. It still seems Tyler is plotting a way to get back at his classmates, but he probably didn’t shoot Alex. In the closing moments of Season 1, Tyler recalled when Alex defended him against the bullies. He then took Alex’s picture off his wall, hinting that Alex will be spared.

Fans can only hope that Alex makes a full recovery and works through the reasons why he chose to end his life. Not only would this explore different avenues of suicide prevention, but it would also show that suicide isn’t an attractive way to die.


According to the Los Angeles Times, Netflix has officially ordered a second season of 13 Reasons Why. The series follows the story of a 17-year-old girl named Hannah who committed suicide. In the first season, the show tackled sensitive issues such as social media bullying, rape, and slut-shaming.

Although critics have praised the show for addressing these issues, others believe that it dangerously portrays suicide as being glamorous. In fact, several suicide prevention organizations have openly criticized the show for its portrayal of teen suicide, which prompted Netflix to add a TV-MA rating to the show.


When it comes to Season 2, creator Brian Yorkey revealed that Hannah’s story will continue to be the focal point. In particular, the show will dive more into Hannah’s rape, which is something Yorkey believes isn’t talked about enough in society.

“Part of the problem with our culture is that we say, ‘Oh, the story’s done. Rapes are treated, at best, as a multi-episode arc within a season, when anyone who’s experienced rape knows it’s a lifelong story,” he shared. “If we left these 13 episodes out in the world with [the rapist] not being brought to justice … it’d be incredibly dissatisfying to me.”

According to Elle, executive producer Selena Gomez was the first to break the news that 13 Reasons Why will return with another season. The pop star shared the news on her official Instagram page this week.

Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why is expected to premiere on Netflix in 2018. The streaming service has not announced an official premiere date.

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