‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Where Is Anna, And Why Is Alex So Evil?

General Hospital spoilers promise that more will come out this week on Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and why she doesn’t seem to be herself. It’s clear to GH viewers this is not Anna but someone who has replaced her. With Nathan Varni mentioning that General Hospital would bring in characters from All My Children and One Life to Live when it made sense, it seems obvious it’s not Anna in Port Chuck right now. It’s her AMC doppelganger, Alexandra “Alex” Devane, but the problem is that it doesn’t make sense. So where is Anna, and why is her twin so awful and evil?

Who Is Alex Devane?

For All My Children watchers, the only thing that might seem familiar in this version of Alex Devane now appearing on General Hospital is her lovely face. First, Alex is a doctor – a neurosurgeon, in fact – so it seems strange she’s been lackluster with Anna’s cancer treatments when Alex could have easily taken care of this for her. Second, Alex and Anna were close at the time both left AMC, and Alex was never evil.

Alex had been brainwashed by her fake mother, Charlotte Devane, to try and kill Anna, but all that got straightened out. This Alex seems pure evil, though, in the way she’s dealing with Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) and clearly has some secret past with him. The last time AMC fans saw Alex, she was happily married in Hungary, and now this. If this is truly Alex, then General Hospital writers are not only tinkering with GH’s past, but All My Children’s.

Where Is Anna Devane?

Presuming General Hospital is now showing us Alex, Anna is MIA. This woman is not only physically stronger than Anna should be, but she also had no idea who Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) was despite a long-running professional relationship as work colleagues. The signs are all there. With the assumption that Alex has taken over Anna’s life, the question remains: Is Anna safe and cooperating with her twin, or is Anna being held prisoner?

Not too long ago, on General Hospital, after Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) mentioned Anna’s missed cancer treatment, Alex got on the phone ASAP and scheduled one. That implies Anna is nearby and Alex doesn’t want her sister to suffer. It seems that Anna might be living in secret in her own home and is feeding Alex information as they conspire to take down Valentin, but Anna might not know the lengths her sister is going to as she works the Greek.

Alex Dropped A Chimera Hint

Last week, General Hospital spoilers showed Anna taunting Valentin with the chimera necklace to get him to talk about the project. But this was also a hint to Valentin and fans that Anna and Alex are interchanging since medical chimera can occur when one twin absorbs another in the womb. Effectively, Alex has absorbed Anna’s life and is living it because her sister is too weak to face this mutual enemy.

It seems that Valentin is unaware that Anna has a twin, according to new General Hospital spoilers. The admittedly wonky timeline has Anna and Alex meeting on All My Children in 2001, long after Anna and Valentin were together at the WSB academy. With Valentin hopefully unaware of the twin twist, the Devane ladies are hoping to drive him to reveal his darkest secret. But a new promo shows Valentin telling Anna-Alex that he’s a step ahead, and she’s shocked.

Which Devane Slept With Valentin?

General Hospital fans definitely want to know which of the Devane twins bedded down with hunchback Valentin back in the day. As of now, it seems clear it was Alex who did the deed with the poor crippled near-virgin. After Valentin told Anna they slept together, she hightailed it out of town on an impulse to talk to her twin to find out if she sexed up the sinister Valentin since Anna doesn’t think she’d forget making the two-backed beast with her nemesis.

New General Hospital spoilers hint that when Anna told Alex about the hunchback humping, her twin admitted she had done the dirty deed. There will be more character rewrites to justify this nonsense, but it’s likely that Alex was working for her fake mom, Charlotte, possibly for the DVX and Cesar Faison (Anders Hove). Alex seduced Valentin to get secrets from him, then left him to run from the kill order she had taken out on him when she infiltrated the WSB as Anna.

Who Will Figure Out Alex Took Anna’s Place?

Recent General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central reveal Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) becomes increasingly suspicious about Anna’s personality swivel as does Griffin, but that’s not all. Robin Scorpio Drake (Kimberly McCullough) and Emma Drake (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) will soon be in Port Charles, and that means trouble for Anna and Alex. How can the twins keep up the charade with Robin and Emma underfoot?

The new soap magazines shared General Hospital spoilers that Robin figures out something is off with her mom on May 18, not long after she and Emma show up in Port Charles for the annual Nurses’ Ball. That indicates the Anna-Alex charade will continue in full force for another couple of weeks before it all blows up. By the pinnacle of May sweeps, viewers should see Anna and Alex outed, likely by Robin, and then they’ll hear exactly how GH writers have tampered with Alex’s timeline and personality to make it fit GH’s needs.

What will All My Children fans think of the changes to Alex Devane’s character to make her fit the GH plot? Viewers will see more of Anna and Alex’s trickery this week, according to General Hospital spoilers.

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