‘The Young And The Restless’ Mishael Morgan On Hilary, Devon and GC Buzz

The Young and The Restless fans have a love-hate relationship with Hilary Curtis, the misunderstood over-the-top vixen of the CBS soap opera. Soap Opera Digest recently had an interview with Mishael Morgan and got the inside scoop on the life and times of Hilary now that her career is on the uptake with her taking over GC Buzz. Mishael recently tweeted that Hilary has rebranded GC Buzz.

Mishael Morgan says that she is excited that Hilary finally got what she wanted and can call the shots as far as GC Buzz is concerned. Mishael says that she is glad that she now has the opportunity to portray an empowered woman.

Y&R’s Mishael Morgan on The Hevon Split: Hilary and Devon’s Divorce

The Young and The Restless fans know that Hilary and Devon’s divorce has hit her hard. TheInquisitr’sspoilers for The Young and The Restless for May 8, 2017, reveal that Hilary was crying on Jack’s shoulder about how hard it is to let go. Jack gives Hilary some solid advice and tells her that she will eventually love again.

Mishael has another take on what her character Mishael will do to get over Devon and even says that Hilary will “100 percent” jump into another relationship to get over the loss of her ex.

“Yes, 100 percent! I would say the words Hilary lives by are, ‘The quickest way to get over someone is to get under someone else [laughs].’ Her relationship with Devon was such a big part of her identity, so I think she needs a distraction from that.”

When asked if Hilary is over Devon, Mishael says that she thinks it is unlikely.

“No, I don’t think Hilary will ever be over Devon, but knowing that Hilary and Devon are always going to have a back-and-forth, there’s always somewhere to go back to.”

Y&R’s Mishael Morgan on Mariah and Devon Dating, Catfight on May 8, 2017

The Young and The Restless fans will be treated to a catfight between Hilary and Mariah, according to a recent Inquisitr article. Mariah will brag about how Devon blew her mind the night before and show off the clothes that she is wearing that Devon gave her to wear. The clothing happens to be Hilary’s that she left behind and still has the tags on it. After a back and forth, Hilary has enough and makes a dive for Mariah and tries to rip off the dress from her body. Mariah does not stand still though and goes for the jugular with her hands around Hilary’s throat.

“I think it’s fun and it adds another level for us to play. I saw it coming from a mile away because they were giving Mariah and Devon too many opportunities to bad talk about how crazy Hilary is. Bryton and Camryn [Grimes, Mariah] were like, ‘No, they wouldn’t do that,’ but I was right! I do like how this puts a little wrinkle in Mariah and Hilary’s work relationship, but I think they’ve become friends in a twisted way.”

Mishael says that it is weird not to be working with Bryton James (Devon) on the The Young and The Restless set as much as what they’re used to, because they’ve “been each other’s sidekick” for a while. However, she feels that at the same time The Young and The Restless is affording both of them the chance to explore with other characters.

Mishael Morgan’s Advice for The Young and The Restless Hevon fans

Mishael Morgan points out that Hevon the couple have many fans, but so many The Young and The Restless fans have approached her because they love her as well. She says that most fans believe that Hilary and Devon will find their way back together although they’re also open to the idea of Hilary having fun with Jordan.

“I think the fans are okay as long as ‘Hevon’ isn’t completely destroyed. Even though I’m really excited as an actor to play this other side, I do feel sorry for the fans because I know they’re going through a period of mourning. But I still believe there will be a huge payout in the end.”

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