UFO News: Is UFO Spotted In Paris The Same One Seen In Australia And China?

The biggest UFO news right now is that what appears to be a cigar-shaped UFO has been caught hovering over Paris, and some viewers believe that this may be the same UFO which has also been previously captured over both Australia and China. The video first came to the attention of the public after it was put on YouTube by a group known as Secureteam10, who regularly post the latest that is happening in the world of UFO news.

The alleged UFO sighting in Paris hit the news right after it was uploaded to YouTube on May 3. When posting the video of the Parisian UFO, Tyler Glockner from Secureteam10 stated that he had been unable to locate the original video recording as the video he posted he had received anonymously through email, as Fox News report.

The only information that Secureteam10 have been given about the video of the UFO in Paris is that it was recorded sometime over the past week, as the Daily Mail reported. As Glockner was unable to find the original copy, he concedes that it’s always possible that this UFO video could be a hoax.

A man tries to design his own UFO in China on January 7, 2005.
A man tries to design his own UFO in China on January 7, 2005. [Image by China Photos/Getty Images]

“I’ve done a bit of digging since I received it, and haven’t been able to find a copy of the original video. So I don’t know, it could be a full blown hoax.”

Of the latest UFO video to hit the news, the author of the UFO Investigations Manual, Nigel Watson, has said that it is always tricky when a video appears from an anonymous source without much information to go on.

“It is always a danger sign when a video or picture of a UFO is from an anonymous source with little supporting information or eyewitness testimony. In this case it is a video from ‘France’, which isn’t very helpful.”

Assuming that the video is not a hoax, SecureTeam10 cited the video of the UFO in Paris to be extremely similar to ones spotted in Australia and China. In China, for instance, news of a UFO was purported to be the real reason for the shutdown of Xiaoshan Airport back on July 7, 2010, and Tyler Glockner asserts that the shape of the UFO in Paris is almost identical to the one seen in China seven years ago.

“This looks like the exact same UFO. It’s undeniable that this is either the exact same craft, or something similar to it.”

In early 2014 in other UFO news, another cigar-shaped UFO was spotted along the Gold Coast of Australia near the beach, and Secureteam10 claim that the Australian UFO that hit the news three years ago is more than a little similar to the one spotted previously in China, and the one captured just last week in Paris. Could the fact that all three sightings appear to show the same style of UFO mean that the UFO video from Paris is legitimate?

“Again we see what looks like a very similar UFO, hovering over the beach, in an eerie display, that truly makes the hairs on my neck stand up. At least with these two other UFO sightings we are corroborating the Paris sighting much more. I am definitely starting to lean towards us truly having a bonafide, smoking-gun UFO sighting here.”

A scale model of a UFO in Paris in 1955.
A scale model of a UFO in Paris in 1955. [Image by Keystone/Getty Images]

While many who have seen clips of these UFOs in the news from Paris, China and Australia believe that they are genuine UFOs, other have remained more skeptical, like Nigel Watson. Watson likens the image of the UFO filmed in Paris to what you might expect to see if you were filming something from behind glass and ended up capturing the reflections from inside the room, rather than outside it. He also speculates that the UFO in China may have ended up being something more innocent, like a DF-21 missile or even just an ordinary aircraft.

After watching the video of the UFO in Paris, do you think it is similar to the ones in the news that were seen in Australia and China?

[Featured Image by David McNew/Getty Images]