‘Little People, Big World’ Family Okay? Zach Roloff Supports Brother Jacob’s Absence From The Show

Despite rumors of a feud, it seems that all is well in the Little People, Big World family. It was reported that Jacob, the Roloff family’s youngest son, recently slammed his family’s reality show once again for being staged. However, in a recent Instagram post of Zach, it appears there is no bad blood between the two brothers.

The rumors started when Jacob posted a lengthy post on his blog, where he narrated his frustration about being in the spotlight for 13 years of his life. He compared his life to another famous reality child star, Kylie Jenner, who has been in front of the cameras for as long as he has. But in the blog, Jacob wrote that he’s “lucky he got out” of the reality show business.

Jacob exposed the production side of Little People, Big World and claimed that the show’s producers branded each of his family members as mere “characterizations.” He also brazenly labeled the show as “fake” and recalled a specific incident.

“I remember once seeing my parents go into a room in a restaurant to do a scene, and in the show’s storyline it was about the beginning of my parents’ separation…The scene they were doing was inherently staged and fake. Whatever discussion they were acting out had already happened in real life, so this was at best a rehashing. When they came out though, I saw tears in my mom’s eyes and I suddenly realized that this staged ‘joke’, ‘fake’ thing was effecting real life in a profound way.”

Titled “Life Happens,” Jacob’s blog post could be taken as a young person’s honest expression, but some viewers and reporters took it as Jacob airing his angst against his family. Radar Online tagged the 20-year-old as “the Roloff black sheep,” noting that this was not the first time Jacob has slammed LPBW and his own family.

Since turning 18, Jacob is no longer signed to appear on his family’s hit TLC reality show. He has also moved off the Roloff family farm in Oregon and moved to Mill Valley, California. Currently, he is taking a prolonged road trip with his girlfriend, Isabel.

Despite not wanting to appear on TV, Jacob has recently started a video blog to document his road trip. This caused many LPBW fans to ask why he seems comfortable sharing his life on YouTube but not on his family’s show.

However, his older brother Zach just confirmed that everything is fine in the Roloff household. Zach recently reposted a picture of Jacob and Isabel on Instagram showing the two on the road. Zach wrote in the caption that he’s “super jealous” of his younger brother.

Zach obviously approves of Jacob’s life choices and is cool with his brother not appearing on Little People, Big World. In turn, Isabel replied to Zach’s post with cute emojis.

Meanwhile, other Roloff family members have also expressed their support for Jacob’s road trip. Tori, Zach’s wife, has been seen liking Jacob’s Instagram posts, and mommy Amy even left a heartfelt message on one of Jacob’s photos from his travels.

“I hope you always remember and know God is good,” Amy Roloff wrote. “Love you forever and always!”

Many changes are happening in the Roloff family, and it’s good to see that they are focusing on the positive things. Zach and Tori are expecting their first child — a boy — very soon. During the Little People, Big World Season 17 premiere episode, Zach and Tori showed their baby’s adorable nursery and gender during a reveal party.

Interestingly, Jeremy and Audrey are also expecting their first child later this year. Audrey is regularly updating fans on her growing baby bump through social media.

Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays on TLC.

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