‘The Walking Dead’ EP Regrets Major Character Death Coming Up On The Show [Video]

The Walking Dead has had such an intense round of major deaths that fans of the show are getting whiplash. But there is one major death coming up that the executive producer is already apologetic over.

For those of you who have been keeping up with The Walking Dead comics, then you may already know about this death. But just as a caution for those of you who have not been reading The Walking Dead comics, there is a major spoiler coming up that could be heartbreaking for you. You should only proceed with this article with that SPOILER WARNING in mind.

Even though The Walking Dead is the biggest show on television, it also has the highest capacity for spoilers to leak out onto the internet. Not only do major fans of The Walking Dead often find creative ways to spoil details on the show with the internet, but there is also the comic book series that holds the key to what is going to happen next.

A good example of this is the death of Glenn Rhee on The Walking Dead Season 7. This is something that happened in the TWD comic book, but fans were holding out hope that they would change it up like they have done so many other times on The Walking Dead show. But they did not.

That leads us to the next major plot arc on The Walking Dead AMC show. In the past, there have been some deviations from the comic book. For example, Andrea lived much longer in The Walking Dead comic book than she did on the AMC show. So did Sophia. But both of their lives were cut short on the TWD TV show.

Alternatively, there have also been people in The Walking Dead comic book that were killed quite early, but are still alive on the TV show. Carol has become one of the most fearsome and beloved characters on The Walking Dead after the deaths of her daughter Sophia. She has reigned in the era of ruthless aggression in the name of justice.

There is one character death, however, that creator Robert Kirkman is already apologizing for, but it differs from the continuity of The Walking Dead TV show, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


In issue 167 of The Walking Dead comic book, Robert Kirkman has finally killed off Andrea. Now many fans of The Walking Dead TV show are scratching their heads at this, wondering just how that can be a spoiler for the TWD TV show. But you need to see the context in order to understand it.

In The Walking Dead comic books, Andrea becomes a love interest of Rick Grimes. Given the fact that she has already died on the TV show, it seems only fitting that the woman who found her when she was struggling, Michonne, would later come to fill her shoes and become Rick's girlfriend.

So what that could mean for The Walking Dead TV show is that Michonne could also experience Andrea's fate. Andrea in the TWD comic books has just died from a zombie bite, which was a major dramatic scene for Rick Grimes.

The death of Andrea in The Walking Dead comic is something that Robert Kirkman also took personally. In a heartfelt message to his fans in the monthly letters column of The Walking Dead issue, he wrote a note about the grueling torment he endured when the TWD scene finally took place. See his note below.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry to my fans and to myself and to Andrea. I feel like I killed a close friend. The deaths in this series are never taken lightly, they're never done with a sense of glee. They weigh on me the same way they weigh on you. These characters are very real to me, and their deaths are upsetting even to me.

"I plotted this issue out during a plane ride a few months ago. I plot my stories down with a pencil and paper, and there I was in my seat, blocking out scenes and writing dialogue surrounded by strangers who probably thought I jotting down a shopping list. As I was writing some of the moments from this issue, I started crying. I found myself glancing around, wiping my eyes, hoping no one would notice. I've been living with this death for months now…and I don't like it.

"I had plenty of time to change my mind. I had plenty of time to just not do it. I am in control of this story after all. But honestly, sometimes it feels like I'm not. This was one of those times. I don't like this. I don't want this. I want Andrea to live. I want to write more stories with her. I want to see her and Rick grow old together, watching Carl grow up and have kids of his own. I want that kind of happiness for these characters.

"And yet, here we are.

"Andrea is dead and the story moves on. I don't know why this had to happen…but I know it did. I know this is another important turning point in the life of this series. I know Andrea's death with mean something, that it will resonate in the stories moving forward for years to come. But I still don't like it. It still upsets me.

"I loved Andrea and I will truly miss her."

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