‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: New Promo Shows Franco Attacking Jason On Cassadine Island, ‘GH’ Feud Gone Wrong?

There is a General Hospital preview clip that seems to have fans in an uproar. It involves Jason Morgan and Franco Baldwin, who will be arriving on Cassadine Island this week. It was at first thought that Sam and Elizabeth would be going with them, but the women will be staying in Port Charles for the time being. They are worried, and it looks like they have every right to be as the video reveals something bad going on between their guys.

The recent General Hospital promo is all about feuds in Port Charles and on Cassadine Island. The feud that has everyone talking on social media is that of Jason and Franco. They are seen attacking each other violently. It does look intense. After all, there is bad blood between them, so something could have gone very wrong once they arrive on the island. Is it really as shocking as it appears to be?

It is a well-known fact that Jason has always hated Franco for what he did to his family, particularly to his wife, Sam. Now that Franco has turned his life around and has started his romance with Elizabeth, Jason has had to deal with having him around. The only reason that the former hitman may be traveling to Cassadine Island with the man he hates is to figure out what happened to Jake while he was there with Helena.

By what is seen in the General Hospital video clip, it looks like Franco ends up turning on Jason and attacking him. However, it also reveals that Jason gets the upper hand on Franco as well. What does this all mean anyway? Are they really duking it out?

There are a few possibilities as to why these two men are beating each other up. It sure looks like something happens to make them turn on each other like that. But then again, looks can be deceiving. This could all just be a teaser, and General Hospital might have a twist coming up involving all of this.

Does Franco turn back into his old self? Maybe another brain tumor has popped up and he goes back to being the evil Franco. It could also be that Jason has had enough of this man and his hatred takes over, which has Franco defending himself.

Cassadine Island has many secrets that still need to be told. Jake has hidden memories, and so does Jason Morgan. This feud between these guys could very well be a way to jog Jason’s memory on his time there. Jake is afraid of his daddy’s old face, and Jason is out to discover why. He is afraid that he has done something terrible to his son, and he is determined to uncover any secrets that may involve what he, or Helena Cassadine, may have done to Jake to make him so afraid.

There is a clue coming from the General Hospital spoilers that SheKnows Soaps has posted for this week that may shed some light on what really happens between Jason and Franco. The spoilers tease that Franco will end up taking drastic measures. The clip shows him whacking Jason on the head with a rock. Is this his way of getting Jason to remember what happened during his stay on the island?

Jason Morgan has changed drastically since he came back from the dead. He is no longer the man he used to be, but he could turn back into his old self quickly if his memory is jogged. That could be bad for Franco. Jason has his family to go back to in Port Charles, and Franco has Liz and her boys waiting back home as well. Will they both make it out alive?

General Hospital actress
Sam waits for Jason to get home. [Image by Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock]

It was also thought that the two men travel together to the island. However, since Franco skips out on a date with Liz, as the spoilers say, he most likely follows Jason there with a plan in mind. That plan may be devious, but it could actually work and may help Jake in the long run. He is desperate to help the boy, and this could just be the way to do it, but it could also backfire.

What are your thoughts on the fight between Jason and Franco? Will there be another murder on Cassadine Island? Stay tuned to General Hospital to see what actually happens between them.

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