Arthur Dower-Bull: Gang-Raped, Dying Of AIDS, $186 Million Scammer? Bishop Paul Morton Warns Churches Of Dower

Arthur Dower-Bull: Gang-Raped, Dying With AIDS, $186 Million Scammer - Bishop Paul Morton Warns Churches Of Ma

The below video of Bishop Paul Morton warning his congregation against a man known as Arthur Dower-Bull or Arthur Dower is getting attention. As seen in the below video, titled “Bishop Paul Morton Alerts Congregation and Christian Community to Con Artist,” Bishop Morton, the 66-year-old Senior Pastor of the Atlanta-based church named Changing a Generation FGBC and Co-Pastor of the New Orleans church named Greater St. Stephen FGBC, Bishop Morton took nearly 20 minutes to explain why his thoughts about Arthur changed.

“On Sunday, May 7th, Bishop Paul Morton exposed Arthur Dower Bull as a con artist and wanted to alert other Pastors to beware.”

Bishop Morton said that Dower, who can be seen on Amazon with the song “Every Chance I Get” on Arthur’s Amazon page, began to tell Paul about some pretty trying circumstances that landed the singer in his current situation. Bishop Morton said that Dower-Bull told Paul that he had been gang-raped by four men in the past, and at some point contracted HIV/AIDS and was dying.

Ultimately, Bishop Morton told his congregation that Arthur walked across the stage of the church and proclaimed that God told Dower-Bull to pay off the church. Paul said Arthur told him that he was due an insurance settlement of $186 million, and that Dower-Bull felt the unction to pay off the church.

As seen on the below flyer for a Women of Excellence conference in February, Bishop Morton and Dower are shown as the participants for the Men’s Night on February 8. However, Bishop Morton said that what began with a promise to pay off the church around December devolved into a series of excuses being given by Arthur to Bishop Paul.

Bishop Morton said that Arthur claimed he was going through a hard time, and that he was dying. Morton expressed his hurt as he explained how much he reached out and helped Dower through his troubles. But ultimately, a litany of excuses made Bishop Morton realize he was dealing with a man that he called a con artist.

Morton said he heard excuses from Dower that ranged from needing to sign more paperwork to delays with lawyers, to blaming banks for not pushing the right button when it came time to wire the amount of monies he promised to pay off the church. By April, Dower-Bull allegedly promised Bishop Morton that he would personally deliver cashier’s checks to Morton.

Bishop Morton said he waited for the appointed 10:30 a.m. time that Dower said he’d arrive with the cashier’s check, and Morton even had security there. But after texting Dower, Bishop Morton said that Arthur told him he wasn’t coming, blaming another delay on the lawyers. Bishop Morton said that he knew Dower could have at least sent a photo or email with images of the cashier’s check, just to prove it was real.

After receiving plenty of excuses and failed promises, Bishop Morton said he realized Dower was a con artist, and that Morton wanted to warn the Christian community against him. Comments like the below ones are being posted to Bishop Morton’s Twitter account in the wake of his warning, at the “” Twitter account.

“My Lord is all I can’s a special place for people like him Bishop May God continue to deal with him how he sees fit.”

“And to be honest I’m not surprised he’s a con because we live amongst them everyday but I am disturbed that he had The nerve to Lie 2 God.”

Bishop Morton turned to Galatians 6:7 when speaking about the melee.

“Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.”

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