‘IT’ Movie: New Trailer Revealed At MTV Movie And TV Awards [Video]

As the Inquisitr predicted, a new trailer for the upcoming movie has just been unveiled at the MTV Movie & TV Awards! The sneak peek, which is 98 seconds long, offers a good look at the interactions between the members of The Losers’ Club (the name given to the main group of protagonists) as well as a more detailed look at Derry’s sewer and a new look at Pennywise’s face.

The first half of the teaser trailer gives us something we did not get to see in the immensely popular trailer for the IT movie released several weeks ago, and that is a view of the central children interacting in a light-hearted manner. In other words, acting like young friends do around each other in real life. We get to see several clips of Beverly Marsh, maybe the most important person in the narrative, chatting with the circle of friends at the start of the footage before cutting to a scene where Richie Tozier, Bill Denbrough, Eddie Kaspbrak, and Stan Marsh enter the sewer in search of Betty Ripsom, one of the children who has gone missing in Derry, Maine.

The whole time all this new footage is being shown, the kids are conversing colloquially, playing nicely off of each other and demonstrating their chemistry together. It is a huge relief IT movie director Andres Muschietti will play up this aspect in the film, as the friendship between the children was a huge theme of the book and is an integral part of the story. The feel friendly banter has a very natural feel to it and sounds almost improvisational.

In the second half of the trailer, the Losers’ club begins to get a bit more worried as the boys find Betty Ripsom’s shoe floating ominously in the gray water. As soon as they do, they see a red balloon (the IT movie’s symbol that Pennywise the Clown is near) floating towards them through the rancid air.

Finally, we see a shot where Eddie sees Pennywise standing across a clearing with his face hidden behind a clutch of balloons. The balloons slowly float up until Pennywise’s glaring face is revealed, and then the footage cuts to black. Beautiful.

This is only the latest development it the IT movie’s brilliant marketing campaign. As the Inquisitr noted in a piece about the implications of the movie’s MTV Movie & TV Awards reveal, the fresh excitement garnered by the new footage will help it recapture the public limelight and regain attention from The Dark Tower, another Stephen King adaptation movie that released a trailer several days ago.

Of course, the IT movie only needs a small kick to rocket back into first place among Stephen King adaptations. The hype train for the movie began in earnest when it was announced in the Summer of 2016 and slated for a September 8, 2017 release date. People across social media got excited, and the IT movie team made sure to steadily feed that excitement over time with new set photos, viral campaigns, and trailers being released at regular intervals. It culminated in a trailer that got well over twice as many views on Youtube as the No. 2 most-viewed movie trailer of all time.

As the Inquisitr noted recently, anticipation for the IT movie has been so great that it played an instrumental part in igniting a renaissance of all things Stephen King. A whole swath of the author’s works are being adapted to the screen, lots of readers are now becoming King fans, and the IT movie is largely to thank.

All this will make this new minute and a half of footage a huge deal that will undoubtedly be pored over by reviewers and movie commentators over the next few weeks.

Are you happy with the new footage? What do you think we will see next from the IT movie?

[Featured Image by Emortal982/Deviant Art]