Is Josiah Duggar Courting? The Duggar Family Shares Updates

The Duggar family is gearing up for the next season of Counting On that will feature Joy Anna Duggar’s engagement to Austin Forsyth. However, Joy Anna isn’t the only Duggar that will be featured in a new relationship. Joseph Duggar has also announced that he is in a courtship with Kendra Caldwell and we expect to see some of the budding couple on the series as well. But could another Duggar be in a courtship be on the horizon? If the Duggar’s social media accounts are any indication, it looks like Josiah Duggar may be getting a second shot at love.

The Duggar family is not one to keep courtship announcements quiet. However, they don’t always let fans know about a new courtship immediately. Instead, the Duggars are somewhat strategic about the announcements, using their television fame to secure more viewers for an upcoming season of their reality television series Counting On. Joy Anna announced her courtship to Austin Forsyth following Jinger Duggar Vuolo’s wedding, which left many Duggar fans hotly anticipating a new season in which they could watch the relationship between Austin and Joy Anna grow.

Though it likely won’t be featured on Counting On, the Duggars will be welcoming another little Duggar into the family as Anna Duggar is slated to give birth at an undisclosed date. The Duggar daughter-in-law is said to be pregnant with Josh Duggar’s fifth child but the family has been silent on any additional details. Anna was a mainstay on the series despite the exclusion of husband Josh Duggar, but with the pregnancy, it appears that TLC is shying away from featuring Anna any further and there is no indication that a birth special will be in the works.

However, the Duggars had more up their sleeves for March when Joseph Duggar announced he was also in a courtship with Kendra Caldwell and that Joy Anna Duggar was now engaged to Austin. This led the way for the new Season of Counting On to focus on Jessa Seewald’s birth, Jill Dillard’s pregnancy, Joy Anna’s wedding preparation, and Joseph’s new courtship. Therefore, another wedding special before the end of the year is likely with Joy Anna reportedly already having secured a wedding dress.

If Joy Anna does get married this year, it would make sense for the Duggars to introduce another courtship, but who would it be? If the Duggar’s past social media habits are any indicator, the next on up may be Josiah. Though Josiah Duggar already had a shot at love when he entered into a courtship with Marjorie Jackson, that courtship was cut short after the Duggars experienced an onslaught of problems from oldest son Josh Duggar. Though Marjorie and Josiah say the split was amicable, Marjorie’s new book indicates that there may be more to the story and that the Duggar’s skeletons in the closet were too much for her to take.

Therefore, with Marjorie long out of the picture, the Duggars have likely been keeping their eyes open for Josiah’s next courtship partner. The Duggars seem to follow a familiar pattern of warming fans back up to the lucky new courting Duggar before announcing the courtship to the public. Between the Duggars usual birthday posts, photos of the young un-courtable children and bible scriptures, there have been a number of posts about Josiah. With the new season of Counting On likely focusing on Jessa’s birth, Jill’s pregnancy, Joy Anna’s wedding, Joseph’s courtship or even Jinger’s new marriage, the focus of Josiah on recent posts seems to point to a story line in the near future regarding their more animated son.

In the first post, Josiah is seen dressed as a wolf standing with five women following a performance of “The Big Bad Wolf.” The second post featured the Duggars touted that Josiah was able to assist with the audio team at the Big Sandy conference.

Could Josiah Duggar be in a courtship that has yet to be announced to the public?

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