Jimmy Kimmel Says Celebrity Prom Proposals Need To Stop

Jimmy Kimmel wants the celebrity prom proposals to stop. For years, high school boys have been formulating these elaborate “promposals” to try and convince their celebrity crush to attend their senior prom with them. Although it may sound like a sweet idea, Kimmel says it’s inappropriate and obnoxious.

During a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Jimmy called out the teenagers for basically harassing celebrities, and explained to them that no woman will want to attend a high school prom. Kimmel’s monologue stemmed from a recent La La Land-themed promposal to actress Emma Stone from a 17-year-old boy, Jacob Staudenmaier, who lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

“Emma Stone has to pretend she’s in London for two weeks. It’s a cute story … I know, I get it, but it’s also terrible and it has to be stopped,” Kimmel said. “Listen, kid: Emma Stone, whether she is in London or not, doesn’t want to go to the prom with you. At all. It’s probably the last thing that she wants to do, and not because she’s in London working. She doesn’t want to go to a dance with you because she’s 28, and 28-year-old people don’t want to go on dates with 16-year-old children because it’s creepy.”

Kimmel went on to bring up a very good point about gender roles, and how it would be taken if a young girl was accompanied by an almost 30-year-old celebrity. He pointed out that it wouldn’t be acceptable, so why should it be acceptable for boys to ask the women celebrities on a date.

“Why do we find it socially acceptable for a boy to ask an adult celebrity on a date?” Kimmel asked. “What if it was the other way around? What if Shailene Woodley — no, you know what? What if Shia LaBeouf showed up at a high school looking for a date? He’d be arrested, right? He’d be beaten and arrested. But when this kid asks Emma Stone, oh it’s adorable and we put him on Good Morning America. In fact, this is a hostage situation, because if Emma Stone didn’t write him a letter, she would look like a jerk. When I was in high school you liked a girl so you called her house when she answered the phone you got scared and hung the phone up. That was it. That’s how you did it.”

According to ABC News, Staudenmaier spent two weeks working on his promposal, and hoped that it would somehow reach Stone.

“Whether she says yes or no, I think just a response in general would be amazing. I guess if she did say yes, that would be the best outcome possible,” he said. “Either way I’ve enjoyed everything that’s happened so far.”

Emma Stone did receive the promposal video, and responded to Jacob with a message of her own.

“Jacob, thanks for making the greatest proposal I have ever received. I can’t tell you what an honor that was and how much I smiled through that entire beautifully orchestrated video. I’m in London working, but I hope you have the best time at prom, and I’m grateful you thought of me,” she wrote. “Thank you. P.S. I do see Gosling around the eyes. Love, Emma.”

What do you think about the celebrity prom proposals, and Jimmy Kimmel’s stance on them? Do you think they are appropriate? Leave your comments below.

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]