WWE News: Jeff Hardy Says There Is One Signature Move He Won’t Do Anymore

Jeff Hardy has built his WWE career out of pulling off risk taking moves that could end a wrestler’s career with one wrong turn. When he made his return to the WWE at WrestleMania 33 with his brother Matt Hardy, Jeff even pulled off a Swanton Bomb from the top of a ladder through a table at the age of 39. However, in a recent appearance on The Art of WrestlingPodcast, Jeff said that there is one move that he won’t do anymore due to safety reasons.

Jeff Hardy said that he won’t pull out the 450 splash or shooting star press anymore. The Swanton Bomb involves Jeff launching himself into the air and doing an 180-degree flip and landing back first on an opponent. However, both the shooting star press and the Jeff Hardy-signature 450 splash involve rotating the body like a corkscrew before landing on an opponent.

“I stopped doing the 450 because I over-rotated and jacked my shoulder up. I thought I broke my collarbone or something, but those days are over, so I’ll stick with the Swanton [Bomb].”

Fans won’t have to worry about Jeff Hardy slowing down too much. At the age of 39, he won’t pull off moves like the 450 splash anymore but will still do more to entertain the fans than most people his age in the industry.

WWE News: Jeff Hardy Says There Is One Signature Move He Won't Do Anymore
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Jeff Hardy pulled out an anecdote on how much he will do to please the fans and entertain the crowd in the podcast as well. Jeff mentioned how he and Matt Hardy battled in the Final Deletion match on TNA Impact Wrestling and how they did it all to help the company.

Jeff said that it was just four people at Matt Hardy’s home in North Carolina along with one camera man and they really worked at the entire event in a raw atmosphere. For WWE fans who might have missed it, the match was shot like a movie, with cuts, special effects, and dramatic moments, instead of just having the two men wrestle.

Final Deletion was a turning point for TNA Impact Wrestling and might have saved the company. It was so successful that Matt Hardy and Impact Wrestling’s new ownership company Anthem Sports are involved in a legal case surrounding who owns the rights to the Broken Matt Hardy character and storyline.

WWE News: Jeff Hardy Says There Is One Signature Move He Won't Do Anymore
[Image by WWE]

According to Jeff Hardy, they worked hard on a low budget to make it work. Jeff also said that he and Matt Hardy funded the entire thing and that TNA Impact Wrestling didn’t have to pay anything for Final Deletion. Jeff even pointed out that the volcano that they used at the end that helped Matt Hardy win the match cost $3,000 for them to build.

“It was really hard to build, but again, like another donation, basically, to TNA just for the product of it all. Built a $3,000 volcano, I mean, just for the love of the sport, the artform.”

There is no telling if Broken Matt Hardy will ever appear on WWE television now that he and Jeff are back in the company. WWE fans have been chanting “delete,” and Matt Hardy is starting to play along more but with the recent trademark claims by Anthem Sports, it looks like they will have to fight for the rights to the character.

Jeff Hardy did take the time in his interview to compliment his brother Matt on how well he can immerse himself in the character of Broken Matt Hardy. Jeff pointed out how he has different characters like Itchweed and Willow, and he can play them on wrestling shows.

However, Jeff Hardy said that Matt Hardy could do full interviews or podcasts in character and that shows his talent and dedication to professional wrestling. It is just a matter of time to see if the Hardy Boyz will go full broken in the WWE Universe.

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