Lindsay Lohan Ordered By NYC Judge To Pay $28,000 To Former Chauffeur

Lindsay Lohan was ordered to pay nearly $30,000 after she was hit with a default judgment on May 3, according to court documents obtained by the Daily Mail. Back in 2015, former NYC driver, Edson Ricci, sued the Mean Girls actress and accused her not paying him while he worked for her. The driver sent multiple invoices for payment to Lohan that totaled $43,900. The bill was for his services were from August 21, 2012, until October 23, 2012.

Ricci claimed Lindsay Lohan never disputed the amount that was owed to him. According to the Daily Mail, Ricci claimed Lohan sent a check for $17,500, leaving an unpaid balance of $26,400. Ricci proceeded to sue Lohan for the entire $26,400 owed for transportation services plus Lohan’s hotel bill for a total of $27,839.18, with interest included.

Lindsay Lohan ordered to pay former driver
Lindsay Lohan ordered by a NYC judge to pay $28,000 to her former chauffeur. [Image by Chance Yeh/Getty Images]

Ricci said he was hired by Lohan to provide not only her transportation services for her but also for her family, friends, and business associates, according to the Daily Mail. Lohan revealed her former Hollywood struggles on the John Bishop: In Conversation With… show. Lindsay Lohan, who was once one of the highest-paid actresses in the world, said she can no longer employ a chauffeur because they are “expensive.”

“Paparazzi in LA are hired to get into your car to see your first reaction. They’re hired specifically to do that… People are just like, ‘Don’t drive Lindsay, get a driver!’ but it’s expensive!”

The NYC chauffeur claimed despite numerous demands he made to Lohan — she refused to pay invoices for transportation costs. He also included the cost for the times he loaned her money to pay her hotel bill. Ricci said she asked him to pay her hotel bill during a stay at the Soho Grand Hotel in New York. He agreed to front her the money and paid the $1,439.18 bill. He claims Lohan never paid him back for these particular expenses.

The case has carried on for an entire year. According to Radar Online, Lindsay Lohan failed to appear in court or respond to the allegations of Ricci’s complaint. Lohan was served with the legal papers back in 2015. On May 3, the judge came back with his decision and granted Ricci’s motion for a default judgment due to Lohan’s non-appearance in the case. He said Lohan is liable for the total of $27,839. The case was closed the same day.

In October of 2016, Lohan was hit with a lawsuit in London after she stopped paying rent on her $4.5 million apartment.

Lindsay Lohan ordered to pay 30000 to driver
Lindsay Lohan attends The World's First Fabulous Fund Fair in aid of The Naked Heart Foundation at The Roundhouse on February 24, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)

One reason Lohan needed a personal driver is to avoid paparazzi who follow her to get photos of her in her car. The 30-year-old actress said the lack of privacy while in transportation is incredibly frustrating.

Lohan also insisted she isn’t as well-paid as the public may assume. When asked by Bishop where her $7 million a film paycheck goes, she replied, “Do you think you get all that? I don’t think so!”

During the interview, Lohan spoke about how her life in Hollywood became a “whirlwind” at 11-years-old after she shot to stardom after starring in The Parent Trap.

Lindsay admitted that she was surrounded by fake friends while living on her own in Hollywood. Lohan, who has always had a rocky relationship with her dad, slammed Michael Lohan for encompassing a “Jekyll and Hyde” persona.

During the interview, Lohan was asked if she ever wanted the fame to stop or if it was too much for her at such a young age. Lohan asserted that she never wanted the fame to stop, it was just out of her control.

“I don’t think it was… it was out of my hands at that point.”

On numerous occasions, the Machete star’s mother Dina Lohan tried to persuade her to return home, but she refused.

“My head was in work mode so I kept going. And that was all I really knew… And then it hit me, and I was like, ‘I want to come home.'”

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