SongSong Couple News: Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo Wants To Get Married, Start A Family

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo have revealed that they wish to get married and think of starting a family soon. During their W Magazine‘s feature cover stories, the fan-favorite SongSong couple talked about life, marriage, and kids.

The Descendants Of The Sun actor has revealed that he will like to enjoy his life and build a family. The 31-year-old actor has said that after his movie’s release, he will be taking a year-long break and will enjoy his personal life.

“I think family will be the future also. It (family) will be part of my life. As my nephew has just been recently been born, it made me feel that way. Seeing that my brother has just got a baby, I thought ‘finally I will also be the same as well, no?’ One always has an ambition but whether the ambition is a desire or greed, family is the most important.”

The actor also added that he thinks he is a mirror of his father when it comes to family. The DOTS star says that he will always keep good relationship with his family.

“Ultimately, I want to be a good father and a good Husband, I think that will be the best.”

The Descendants Of The Sun co-stars’ marriage rumors are fueled once again. The fans of the series are really eager to see their favorite onscreen couple together again. The DOTS actress revealed in an interview that Captain Yoo Shi Jin, the character played by Song Joong Ki, makes her heart flutter.

“I tried watching the drama from the audience’s perspective and Captain Shi Jin is definitely attractive — some of his lines also made me feel fluttery.”

Even Song Joong Ki’s co-star, Song Hye Kyo, think it is about time that she gets married now. However, the 35-year-old actress said that she stays cautious of everything and everyone.

“I think I am especially more sensitive because I have to be cautious in everything… Yeah, I do think about it [marriage]. It’s about time. Sometimes I feel like I need to rush, but sometimes I just think ‘Why do I need to marry when I am doing what I want, and enjoying my life?’ but I guess I have to get married some time, right?”

However, despite fans’ wish to see their onscreen couple together in real-life, Joong Ki has said that he has no plans to go public with his romance. The actor seems to be angry when his ex-girlfriend’s pictures were released in the media. He also added that his family is exposed to the media and reporters go to his home at any odd hour.

“I enjoy dating in secret. I do not wear hats when I go on dates to make people not suspicious and they will think we are just friends. We also don’t visit the city; we rather date in remote areas where there are elders. If I get a girlfriend, I won’t spill the beans. But if I get caught, I’ll officially acknowledge the relationship.”

Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki have not booked any future projects. This year, Hye Kyo is busy with endorsements of Laneige brand and Joong Ki will be seen in war-drama film titled Battleship Island. The actor is really hoping for the movie’s success.

The movie will also be starring Hwang Jung Min and So Ji Sub. The upcoming South Korean film will be about 400 Joseon workers who risk their lives to attempt an escape from Hashima Island. The Japanese occupation-era movie is eyeing a release date later this year.

While there is no official confirmation of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s dating and marriage rumors, fans are expecting for them to be together. Fans are also eagerly waiting for updates on the popular K-drama series, Descendants Of The Sun.

[Featured Image by Ahn Young-Joon/AP Images]