Ryan Seacrest Interested In ‘American Idol’ Reboot On ABC — Will The Show Move To New York City?

The hosting services of Ryan Seacrest are in hot demand lately with the reboot of American Idol and his brand new gig on Live with Kelly, which has now evolved into Live with Kelly and Ryan. Considering Ryan Seacrest’s already jam-packed schedule, there have been questions about how he could possibly add the American Idol reboot’s hosting duties to that list, but with a little change to the schedule and a few lost hours of sleep, that is all possible. What makes the American Idol reboot even more exciting is that Ryan Seacrest really wants to take part according to TMZ.

While American Idol fans are excited that Ryan Seacrest is interested in reprising his role as host, the logistics of taking back his spot on the show while at the same time hosting Live with Kelly and Ryan on top of his numerous radio shows seems daunting.

However, the feat that would make Seacrest even richer is possible if he’s willing to fly cross-country twice in two days every single week while sleeping aboard his private jet. Would Ryan Seacrest really agree to such a daunting schedule? The only other option is for American Idol to move from Los Angeles to New York City, something that would have to be negotiated since the show has always been based in Southern California.

Ryan Seacrest was the host of American Idol for 15 seasons. According to a source for People, Seacrest’s affection for the show that made him the most famous is strong and he’d really like to take back his spot as the host. Many wonder if American Idol could even work without Ryan, so getting him back would be a huge part of the future success.

There’s also the issue that American Idol will be moving to ABC, which already owns Live with Kelly and Ryan. That being said, if ABC wants him to host the show, they can certainly make it happen whether American Idol stays in Los Angeles or if they make a big move to New York City. It wouldn’t be the first time that a show moved from one coast to the other to appease a host.

While there are some ongoing discussions about bringing back Idol, there are some very major hurdles they need to get done,” a source told People.

“As for Ryan, his plate is obviously pretty full already — his priority is Live with Kelly and Ryan, he has big commitments to iHeartRadio daily and the syndicated radio show. That said, Ryan has a lot of affection for Idol given the significance to his career, and it taps into the things he loves — a live show, pop music, discovering new talent, etc.”

Ryan Seacrest getting involved in the American Idol reboot when it comes to ABC would be huge in terms of making sure the show is successful. After all, after 15 seasons with the singing competitions, the judges came and went, but the one constant was Seacrest as the host.

It’s hard to believe that that subject of American Idol didn’t come up while Ryan Seacrest was negotiating for a spot alongside Kelly Ripa on her popular morning show. Especially since both Live with Kelly and Ryan and American Idol are both going to be on the same network when the show returns in March 2018.

Do you think ABC should move American Idol to New York City to accommodate Ryan Seacrest’s busy schedule? Or should Ryan Seacrest agree to two cross country flights per week as he jet sets back and forth to take care of both live hosting duties? Tell us how you think ABC should set it up to ensure that Ryan can host American Idol when the popular show returns.

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