Adnan to Sell Britney Sex Tapes for the Right Price

Like we reported months ago, there’s a sex vid starring Britney Spears floating around somewhere. According to Adnan Ghalib (the co-star and supposed owner of said tape), who spoke to The Sun recently, Britney was filmed prancing about in her pink wig on a Mexico vacation, and he’s ready to release it! He’s probably mulling over offers as we speak– it’s a perfect time for sex-tape buyers to ruin Britney’s legit steps forward.

Adnan confirmed that “There is such a tape,” but he stated that he “wouldn’t discuss prices for hypothetical enquiries.” Interestingly, he added that “I am not interested in selling out any other details about Britney.” Just the sex, then? K.

Keep in mind that this sex tape won’t be of Britney in her revamped shape. She’ll be in her full-swing crazy mode, her bod won’t be fit post-Bally’s and dancing, and you’ll have to look at Adnan’s landing-strip facial hair (see here) to boot. I’m just throwing it out there as a reminder, if “for some reason” you end up seeing it.