Scott Peterson: Innocent? 'Snapped' Notorious 20th Anniversary Investigates Laci Peterson's Death

The Scott Peterson case is back in the spotlight tonight. According to Oxygen, Snapped: Notorious will re-investigate the Modesto, California, Christmas murder of former missing mother Laci Peterson in recognition of the 20th anniversary of the hit crime show. Peterson was found guilty for the murder of Laci Peterson and sentenced to death.

Laci Peterson's Dream Life With Scott Peterson Shattered

The Inquisitr recently profiled the Laci and Scott Peterson case in the article Laci Peterson Wanted A Martha Stewart Life With Scott Peterson But Got A Porn Cheating Killer.

The story was examined a few weeks ago on Dateline NBC. However, Snapped: Notorious will offer a different side of what could have possibly happened to Laci. Some experts are not convinced that Scott Peterson is guilty.

A very pregnant Laci Peterson vanished in December of 2002. The story, which fascinated the public, was spread far and wide. There was nightly coverage of the case as everyone wondered what happened to Laci Peterson and why she would disappear between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Autopsy Of Laci Peterson Confirmed It Was A Homicide

Her mother, Sharon Rocha, was deeply worried, but held on to the hope that Laci Peterson, who was eight-months-pregnant, would be found alive. Sadly, she was missing for several months before he body washed ashore. Her fetus was also found in the same area.

An autopsy report found that Scott Peterson's wife, Laci, was murdered. Police later zoomed in on Scott, making him the prime suspect. Here is one more gruesome detail listed in the autopsy report, as listed in Fox News' Timeline.

"Reports from Laci and her unborn son's autopsy are leaked to the media, and prosecutors reverse their decision and ask for autopsy reports to be made public. Leaked information reveals Laci's fetus was found with plastic tape around neck and major gash on torso."
Scott Peterson's Guilty Verdict Based On Bad Feelings About Cheating Husbands?

According to Snapped: Notorious, some experts believe that there was a rush to judgment by law enforcement detectives, who theorized that Scott Peterson had killed his wife inside their Modesto home and then used his boat to transport the body before dumping it in the San Francisco Bay area.

This theory was driven by the fact that Scott Peterson was unfaithful to Laci and had a lover named Amber Frey. Before that part of the story broke, Scott Peterson seemed supportive and worried for his wife, although Laci's family members say that in looking back, Scott's behavior at the vigil was questionable.

Laci and Scott Peterson appeared to be the perfect couple living the American dream. However, that dream was shattered with the discovery of her body and knowledge of Scott Peterson's affair.

Some crime commentators on Oxygen's Snapped: Notorious say that Scott Peterson's cheating ways don't make him a killer. And at least one expert believes that he didn't get a fair trial.

Another commentator believes that Scott Peterson couldn't have committed the crime because he wasn't there, and that the verdict was based on feeling and not fact. Plus, a murder weapon was never found at the scene, and investigators never found DNA or blood, according to the episode.

Nancy Grace says Christmas decorations were sitting on a table in Laci's home. She kept her home immaculate. It would be strange for her to leave decorations out, unless she was attacked while she was in the middle of decorating.

Never-before-seen-footage and portions of the conversations between Amber Frey and Scott Peterson will be heard for the first time. Snapped: Notorious promises to let the public hear a different side of the story.

Tune into Scott Peterson's story on Snapped: Notorious during a two-hour special beginning at 5 p.m. tonight on Oxygen. Last month, Inquisitr wrote about the case of the "other" Laci Peterson. It was about the sad story of Lisa Eatmon.

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