Travis Scott Wants ‘Natural Beauty’ Kylie Jenner To Stop Wearing Makeup — ‘KUWTK’ Star Romance Heats Up

Travis Scott is head over heels with Kylie Jenner at this point. In fact, he’s fallen so hard for the 19-year-old that he’s even started telling her how much he loves seeing her without the glamorous outfits and the usual makeup she sports.

While their relationship is still fairly new, Travis Scott has told Kylie time and time again that whether she wears makeup or not, he loves her regardless, but when she’s not wearing a full layer of cosmetics, he finds her even more attractive, which has really boosted Jenner’s confidence.

Kylie, who has never been shy about the fact that she was often teased for her looks, would certainly take Travis Scott’s kind words as an enormous compliment, especially since she’s also stressed in the past that she sometimes feels the need to wear makeup to upkeep her usual appearance on social media.

Travis Scott is definitely winning some cool points with the reality star, who has told family and friends that she’s happier than ever dating her new beau. Travis Scott has made her feel confident in herself in a way that her previous boyfriends couldn’t do — she feels sexy and comfortable around the rapper whenever they are together, a source reveals.

An insider gushes to Hollywood Life, saying that if Travis Scott could have it his way, he would never have Kylie wear any sort of makeup, claiming that the 25-year-old prefers his girlfriend in simple clothing that’s far from her usual designer attire, hair extensions, and multiple cosmetic products.

“Travis LOVES Kylie without makeup and wigs. He thinks she’s an amazing natural beauty,” the insider explains. “His favorite look of hers is when she wakes up first thing in the morning, bare faced and tousled hair,—he thinks that’s when she’s at her sexiest.”

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott sit court side during an NBA game.
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“Travis would never dream of trying to dictate how Kylie dresses or looks, but he really loves her in blue jeans and a simple white T, not a scrap of makeup on and hair up in a high ponytail,” the source continued, noting that Travis Scott prefers when Jenner keeps it all the way casual.

“Travis says he thinks Kylie would look sexy as hell in a garbage bag. She thinks he’s so hot and he thinks she’s the sexiest girl out there. He’s trying to play it cool, but it’s obvious that he’s really into her and he really spoils her, which she loves, obviously.”

News of Travis Scott gushing over how beautiful Kylie looks without makeup comes just weeks after the E! network confirmed they have picked up Jenner’s forthcoming reality show titled Life of Kylie, People reports, premiering later this year.

The TV show is expected to document Travis Scott’s girlfriend as she branches out into the world of business, expanding her clothing stores, her online presence, and her multiple brands, of course. Sources add that Travis could very well be making appearances on the show, but that has yet to be confirmed.

Travis Scott and Kylie have been dating for four weeks now, and from the look of things, the couple is really in love with one another — there’s no sign that Jenner would want to reconcile with ex-boyfriend, Tyga, anytime soon.

What do you make of Travis Scott’s romance with Kylie Jenner? Do you think the KUWTK couple will last?

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