Joseline Hernandez Quitting ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Amid Talk Show, Hollywood Career Success?

Joseline Hernandez has hinted that she might not be returning to Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta once the current series comes to an end.

In a recent interview with Galore magazine, Joseline mentions that recent opportunities have definitely made her question whether or not she wants to continue being a reality star, especially now that she’s starting to find quite the interest in acting.

Joseline Hernandez has been co-hosting over at The Real in Los Angeles, California, several times now, and knowing that all the big casting agencies are based out there too, the mother-of-one has definitely been considering making the move to Hollywood and branch out to something new.

Of course, Joseline Hernandez wouldn’t want to say whether or not she’s quitting the franchise that made her a star, but at this given point, with all the opportunities that have come her way, she says that even if she left the TV show, fans won’t have to look far because she’ll have moved on to even bigger things.

“I don’t know,” Joseline Hernandez responded when asked if she’s thinking about coming back for another series of Love & Hip Hop, Hollywood Life quotes. “But I tell you one thing, you [are] always going to see Joseline Hernandez around.”

“I love to act and [I’m] going to be in front of the screen for many, many years to come. And I got a few phone calls to go read for a few movies and things like that. But right now, I just have to pick and choose what works for me because I have so much work coming my way that for me to get into the character, I want to live that character. I want to really come up hard and really show.”

Joseline Hernandez has certainly been a ratings winner for VH1, having entertained millions of viewers with captivating storylines from abortions to breakups with Stevie J, and finding herself to be the other woman since the music producer was still known to have been in a relationship with his baby’s mother, Mimi Faust.

Leaving Love & Hip Hop would hurt the franchise more than it would hurt Joseline Hernandez fans believe, for she is known to receive the most camera time out of all her cast members, and that’s said to be mainly because of the interest viewers have for her chaotic life.

Again, nothing has been confirmed just yet. Joseline Hernandez has simply hinted that she’s seeing what else is out there, but the fact that she’s definitely been thinking about relocating to Hollywood in the hopes of pursuing a career in the film industry is strongly insinuating that she doesn’t have any plans to come back to reality television.

Unless, of course, Joseline Hernandez was to continue the show on the Hollywood spinoff version of the franchise.

News of Joseline Hernandez potentially leaving Love & Hip Hop comes just one week after the reality star had made claims on The Real talk show, suggesting that Kylie Jenner and the rest of her Kardashian siblings had copied the 30-year-old’s style.

Sources claim that Kim and Kylie laughed at the comments made by Joseline Hernandez, telling friends that they have never even heard of that name before, implying that they couldn’t have copied someone’s style if they have no idea who that person is.

[Featured Image by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images]