‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Worries, Franco & Jason Uncover More Secrets, Nelle Reconnects With Michael

General Hospital spoilers are getting hotter. The Cassadine Island adventure is going to start by next week, and spoilers indicate Sam Morgan would have a lot of worries concerning her husband, Jason. Meanwhile, Ava’s involvement with Morgan’s pills might come to light soon due to Andre.

Spoilers tease there will be a lot of action in Port Charles in the upcoming week. Almost every resident is going to be involved in the latest intrigues to hit town.

Pill Switch

Ava (Maura West) wants to sweep her evil deeds under the rug, but the fact that she switched Morgan’s pills will be revealed soon. Although Scott (Kin Shriner) reassured Ava he had already replaced the contents of the pill bottle with lithium,

Andre (Anthony Montgomery) will find something unusual about Morgan’s medication. Based on the lab results, the pills in the bottle are not the ones he prescribed. For now, Andre will not say anything to Sonny or Carly. He could be closing in on Ava’s misdeeds soon.

Sonny will definitely make Ava pay if he gets wind of this development. However, Ava also knows something which could destroy Sonny, and ensure that he will be on the losing end of his divorce.

Anna’s Confusing Acts

As the May sweeps heats up, Anna will continue to puzzle Port Charles residents with her actions. General Hospital spoilers hint Andre will feel that Anna is not her usual self. Between the issue with Morgan’s pills and Anna’s sudden change in character, Andre will have a busy week ahead. Andre will not be the only one who will find Anna perplexing. Jordan, who is in need of some advice, will find himself more confused than ever.

General Hospital spoilers also hint Anna will continue pursuing Valentin. She will not stop at anything to get what she wants. This time, it seems that the person posing as Anna is interested in Project Chimera. Prior General Hospital spoilers already hinted Alex is going to take over Anna’s life to discover Valentin’s secrets.

Missing Memories

Based on the latest General Hospital spoilers, the upcoming week will finally allow viewers to take a sneak peek at the happenings in Cassadine Island. Jason (Billy Miller) will continue on his quest to find what happened during his missing years.

Jason is going to be on a trip to Cassadine Island, and it appears that someone from Helena’s lair recognized him. Although Sam (Kelly Monaco) is doing her best to support her husband, she has every reason to worry. Fortunately, she is not the only one in the same situation.

It seems that Liz (Rebecca Herbst) is also concerned about Franco especially after he fails to show up during their date. Since these two ladies are facing almost the same issue, they will have a discussion about Helena Cassadine. Liz will point out that the key to Jake and Jason’s memories is on the island.

Franco will receive some alarming news from Curtis, and he might take drastic actions. General Hospital spoilers suggest Franco is going to join Jason on the Greek Island. Daphne (Andrea Savo) seems to know who Jason is. Jason will try to look for clues about his missing memories from Daphne. General Hospital spoilers suggest the trip to the Greek Island will not be futile. By Tuesday, Jason will realize something.

Other General Hospital Spoilers

Aside from the big adventure concerning the secrets in Cassadine Island, it seems that Nelle (Chloe Lanier) will bump into Michael (Chad Duell). Nelle is out with Charlotte, and Michael is currently babysitting baby Avery. General Hospital spoilers tease that there will still be a lot of tension between the two, and Nelle will try to leave as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Charlotte wants to stay longer. Nelle will have no choice but to stay longer at the park. General Hospital spoilers hint that this opportunity will allow Nelle and Michael to reconnect, and this could lead to romance.

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