Kim Kardashian Reveals She ‘Can’t Trust Anyone’ After Paris Robbery, Has This Affected Her Marriage ?

Kim Kardashian “can’t trust anyone” following the Paris robbery that left her bound, gagged, and robbed of ten million dollars worth of jewelry last October.

Apparently, the after-effects of the traumatic experience have stayed with the reality star. The 36-year-old mother of two revealed as much in the clip for the upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. In the short clip, Kim Kardashian can be seen reacting to news that 17 people had been arrested in connection with the robbery.

“I honestly never thought that they would catch the robbers,” Kim said. “I just thought so much time has gone on and I didn’t really realize how diligent the French police were being and just all the hard work they were really putting into it.”

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To find out that there were so many people involved, hearing detail after detail, really just opened up a whole different perspective for me of feeling safe.

Kim then sat down with her older sister Kourtney to discuss the new info she’d learned about the case.

“They got the fingerprints of two guys inside, and then I think they tapped their phones and went from there,” Kim said.

Kourtney then asked if the thieves were wearing gloves. “They were wearing gloves, but he left the duct tape and that already had fingerprints from when they were at home putting it in the bag,” Kim explained.

When asked if she felt relieved that people involved in the robbery had been caught, Kim basically chalked it up to a learning event.

“It definitely opened up my eyes to a whole different world that I can’t erase. I can’t go backwards. Life is always going to be different. Now I just have to be super aware of everything that I do and who I share it with, you know?”

Later on, Kim Kardashian also discussed the widely believed theory that the Paris robbery was an inside job, orchestrated by someone close to her.

“Knowing that it’s a possibility that people close to me were involved makes me feel I can’t trust anyone, and that really sucks,” Kim admitted. “This just opened up my eyes that this happens and there are really bad people in this world,” she says.” I can still live my life, but just on edge.”

The full episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians airs tonight on E!. You can catch the sneak peek, below.

In addition to stripping her trust, the Paris robbery has also reportedly affected Kim Kardashian in other ways. One of them being her marriage with rapper, Kanye West.

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As recently reported by theThe Inquisitr, Kim and Kanye’s marriage took a turn for the worst in the days after Kim’s robbery. Before Kim Kardashian was even able to recover from her emotional wounds, she had to tend to Kanye West, who had suffered from some kind of breakdown.

It was during this time that Kim Kardashian took an extended break from social media. The reality star, known for her social media presence, flew completely under the radar for months, due to all of her personal issues.

Things are looking up for the controversial couple, however, several news outlets have reported that Kim and Kanye are working through their issues and that their kids are their number one priority.

A source who spoke to People claims that the kids haven’t been affected much at all.

“Both Kanye and Kim have done all they can to shield the kids from this all,” says the source. “There was no fighting in front of the kids.”

If that source is to be believed, then it’s good to know that thinks are looking up for Kimye.

What do you think of Kim’s feelings, post-robbery? Do you think that Kim and Kanye’s marriage will last? You can leave a comment in the section below!

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