Are Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Dating? Rapper’s Cryptic Tweet May Have Confirmed It

Are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott dating? A recent Tweet from the 25-year-old artist has led fans to believe that he and the young socialite are sleeping together.

According to Hollywood Life, speculations that the 19-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is having “adult sleepovers” with the American rapper emerged following Travis’s cryptic Twitter post on Sunday.

By the looks of it, Travis seems to be elated even after being awoken from his “sleep” because of his “butterfly.” According to the outlet, this made fans wonder whether he woke up beside a certain lady whom he recently made out with during the Coachella 2017.

To top that off, fans also noticed how the 19-year-old KUWTK star liked the tweet, further fuelling Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott dating rumors.

Based on what we know from a previous Hollywood Life article, the 25-year-old rapper and songwriter “loves” Kylie especially when she isn’t wearing any make-up, flaunting her natural beauty.

“Travis LOVES Kylie without make-up and wigs. He thinks she’s an amazing natural beauty,” an insider told the outlet.

The outlet’s source also revealed how Travis thinks Kylie is “at her sexiest” when she doesn’t have anything on her face, especially upon waking up.

“His favorite look of hers is when she wakes up first thing in the morning, bare faced and tousled hair,—he thinks that’s when she’s at her sexiest.”

And while he sees her to be at her best appearance without any makeup on, the source clarified that he would never think about dictating how she should look because she is beautiful either way, per Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott dating rumors.

“Travis would never dream of trying to dictate how Kylie dresses or looks, but he really loves her in blue jeans and a simple white T, not a scrap of make-up on and hair up in a high ponytail. Travis says he thinks Kylie would look sexy as hell in a garbage bag,” the source added.

With that said, could it be possible that Travis’s recent Twitter post is confirmation that the rumored couple has already taken their relationship to the next level? Our answer is “yes,” it is possible considering that Us Weekly confirmed the Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott dating rumors.

In the latest issue of the magazine, a source reportedly close to Travis has confirmed that “he and Kylie are the real deal.”

According to Hollywood Life’s source, Travis is trying—and failing—to keep his feelings for her under wraps but “it’s obvious that he’s really into her and he really spoils her, which she loves, obviously.”

For those who haven’t caught up with the threat of gossip about the two, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott dating rumors emerged after a steamy make out session during the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on April 14.

At the time, Scott had just finished performing when “he immediately gave Kylie a kiss,” per an onlooker cited by Us Weekly.

Based on how they have been acting since Coachella, the new pair seems to be confirming rumors as The Hollywood Gossip notes how this appears to be The Lip Kit celebrity’s first relationship since her split with Tyga.

“Despite all those aforementioned rumors about Kylie and various A-listers, this appears to be the reality star’s first real relationship since she broke up with Tyga back in April,” the outlet explained.

Do you think the Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott dating rumors are true? Share with us your opinion via the comments section below and stay tuned for more updates on the KUWTK star and the American rapper as we go along.

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