‘American Horror Story’ Reveals Season 7 ‘Big-Bad’ Villain

American Horror Story Season 7 has many mysteries, but the villain for next year has already been revealed. Just as much as the beloved horror anthology on FX loves to make fictional storylines, it also likes to incorporate real places, people, and things that make it all the more creepy.

As many people already know, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters are the only two major American Horror Story alums that have been confirmed for Season 7, and that might be because they are being hyped to take on some storylines with heavy hitting arcs that’ll transform the show back to its glory days.

With the onslaught of negative feedback for Season 6 of American Horror Story, which was the Roanoke installment, the show has some ground to make up if it intends to get back into the days of heavy ratings and major acclaim. Those days include Seasons 1-4 of American Horror Story and many fans have longed for such returns.

For those who have voiced their opinions on how much they liked previous seasons of American Horror Story, most notably the Jessica Lange era, your pleas have not fallen on deaf ears, and Ryan Murphy has been working hard to bring such premium content back to you.

It has already been announced that American Horror Story will be combining Murder House with Coven for a season, but show producers have not revealed when that may come. Fans should not expect Gabourey Sidibe to be back with her Coven character because she was killed off in Season 5 during a guest appearance on Hotel. But of course, this is American Horror Story and people come back from the dead all the time.

What is especially unique about Season 7 of American Horror Story is that Ryan Murphy just cannot keep certain things to himself, even if they may be false AHS promotions.

This time, Ryan Murphy has taken to Instagram and posted a picture of what appears to be the Season 7 “Big-Bad” character on American Horror Story. For those who are unaware of why that translates to the big bad, well let’s just get some perspective here.

First of all, it is no secret at this point that Season 7 of American Horror Story is going to have a politically themed premiere with the show starting on Election Night 2016. That’s the night that Donald Trump surprised the world and beat Hillary Clinton (Electoral College vote only) to become the 45th President of the United States. But he did so by losing the popular vote by 3 million.

So with Season 7 of American Horror Story using the election night outcome as a springboard to kick off the next installment of the series, that inherently says the big bad may have something to do with politics.

For those who are unaware, the two major political parties in the U.S. are represented by animals. The Democrats are represented by the donkey and the Republicans are represented by the elephant.

American Horror Story Season 7 tease.

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So when Ryan Murphy posted this picture about Season 7 of American Horror Story on his social media page, that is the most likely indicator that the Republicans, or more specifically characters that resemble Donald Trump, may be the villains this year on AHS.

With that in mind, there is more than enough indication that Ryan Murphy is intending to make Season 7 of American Horror Story mirror reality with all of the bad blood in the air lately circling around the administration of Donald Trump. Furthermore, there is more than enough content to pull from, which would include the North Korea situation, the Muslim ban, the Healthcare situation, hate crimes, and much more.

There has been no word yet as to when American Horror Story Season 7 will premiere on FX.

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