Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Make Slime With Gwen’s Sons, Blake Reveals Mother’s Day Plans

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton recently spent some time in the kitchen together, but what the good-looking couple was cooking was not edible. They were serving up bowlfuls of slime.

Gwen and Blake spent their Saturday evening hanging out with Gwen’s three sons—Kingston, 10, Zuma, 8, and Apollo, 3—and the couple came up with a fun family night activity for the creative kids. In a series of Snapchat videos, Gwen Stefani documented their efforts to whip up some squishy slime.

As the Palm Beach Post reports, creating homemade slime has recently become a favorite pastime of tweens who just can’t get enough of stretching and squeezing gooey globs of it. Most recipes call for glue, and the slime craze has become so popular that stores are running out of the sticky stuff. Luckily, Gwen Stefani managed to get her hands on a gallon jug of glue, so her kids were able to make a few batches of slime. Zuma created a goopy white blob that Blake Shelton seemed pretty impressed with.

“Ooh, that one’s kind of cool looking,” Blake can be heard saying in the video below.

The kids added glitter and food coloring to their crazy concoctions, and Gwen shared a photo of one of their completed sparkly slime blobs.

Blake Shelton knows a thing or two about slime. He got doused with green goo at the 2016 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, and he later told Access Hollywood that the runny slime that gets dumped on the event’s attendees by the gallon “tasted a little bit like boogers.” Gwen Stefani was unable to attend the KCAs to watch her boyfriend get slimed, but her kids were in the crowd.

“They adore Blake and are obsessed with the fact he’s hosting the Kids’ Choice Awards …They think he’s so cool!” a Shefani insider told Us Weekly.

Gwen’s sons have been spending a lot of time around Blake lately. On Friday, Gwen and Blake were spotted at the Iceland Ice Skating Center in Van Nuys, California. According to Just Jared, they were accompanied by Zuma and Apollo. The boys admire Blake so much that they all recently rocked replicas of his infamous forearm tattoo.

“They’re just into him …who isn’t?” Gwen recently told Extra of her sons’ obvious affection for Blake.

Gwen Stefani is likely relieved that her sons have become so fond of the new man in her life, but while Blake Shelton continues to rack up cool points with the kids, Gwen can’t get them to see her as the much-admired music icon that she is; Gwen is just “Mom” to them.

“They really want you to be their mom,” Gwen said. “It”s all about them, they don’t want to know about work or songs. They are like, ‘Mom, where are my shoes? Mom, what about me?'”

Mother’s Day is next week, so maybe Gwen Stefani’s sons will find a creative way to show their mom just how much they appreciate her. Extra asked Blake Shelton if he’s planning on doing anything special for Gwen on Mother’s Day, and he revealed that he might spend next Sunday morning in the kitchen. However, this time he won’t be making slime.

“I don’t know, I’ll make her some pancakes that spell ‘Mom,'” Blake said of his plans.

One of Blake’s fellow Voice coaches, Alicia Keys, advised him to involve Gwen’s sons in the pancake-making process, and she also tried to help Gwen score some new bling by suggesting that Blake “hide a diamond necklace underneath the pancakes.”

“I mean, pancakes are pretty— that’s enough,” Blake responded.

However, you can be sure that Shefani fans will still be praying for Gwen Stefani to find a diamond ring underneath her stack of Mother’s Day flapjacks.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]