Michael Jackson Predicted His Death In Letters To Friend: ‘They’re Trying To Murder Me’

Michael Jackson allegedly predicted his own death in a series of chilling letters sent to a friend. According to German businessman Michael Jacobshagen, who was friends with Michael Jackson for many years, the late entertainer expressed fear and concern for his life just weeks before he was found dead in his home.

Speaking to Daphne Barak on the Australian TV show Sunday Night, Jacobshagen alleges that Michael Jackson called him from Las Vegas and begged him to fly from Russia to be by his side.

“He was in emotional meltdown saying, ‘They are going to murder me,'” said Jacobshagen.

Jacobshagen flew out and spent the next three days with Michael Jackson. It was during this time that Jackson handed him a series of letters that said “they” were trying to kill him. He also claims that Jackson told him, “I’m scared for my life.”

Just who “they” were was never specified, but Jacobshagen maintains that Michael Jackson referenced the immense pressure that AEG was putting on him. At the time, Michael Jackson was in the final stages of rehearsal for his comeback tour. Sadly, Jackson never made it back to the stage.

Michael Jackson announces This Is It tour
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Weeks later, Michael Jackson was found dead in his home in LA. The official cause of death was found to be a lethal dose of Propofol, a sedative that Michael was being administered to treat his insomnia. Conrad Murray, Michael’s physician who had been treating him in his LA home, was eventually sentenced to four years in prison for involuntary manslaughter.

Even with these facts, there has always been an heir of mystery surrounding what really happened that day. Michael Jackson’s life was plagued with controversy, and his death has been no different. Several of Jackson’s family members have claimed that they believe the late singer was murdered.

Michael Jackson’s older sister, La Toya, spoke to Piers Morgan in 2011 and claimed that she believed Conrad Murray was the “fall guy” and she believed the officials needed to dig a littler further into his death.

“People come into your life, wiggle their way in, control you, manipulate, control your funds, your finances, everything that you have,” she told Piers Morgan.

According to La Toya, Michael Jackson told her that he felt he was going to be murdered for his music catalog and his estate.

The most recent family member to speak out has been Jackson’s own daughter, Paris Jackson. During an interview with Rolling Stone, Paris was confident in her belief that Michael Jackson had been murdered.

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“Absolutely,” she said. ” Because it’s obvious. All arrows point to that. It sounds like a total conspiracy theory and it sounds like b–, but all real fans and everybody in the family knows it. It was a setup. It was b–t.”

When asked who she believed actually killed her father, Paris said that she’s playing a “chess game.”

“I am trying to play the chess game the right way. And that’s all I can say about that right now,” she added/

Eerily, Paris also claimed that Michael Jackson would tell her “They’re gonna kill me one day.”

Some people might interpret Jacobshagen’s claims as a way to possibly profit off of his friend’s death. However, he stated that he’s come forward with this information to back up Paris Jackson’s claims.

Jacobshagen’s interview will be aired in full next month to commemorate the eighth anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death.

What do you think of his claims? Do you think that these letters are legitimate? You can sound off in the comment section below.

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