Conrad Hilton Has Gone Too Far, Says E.G. Daily– Paris Hilton’s Brother Needs Serious Help After Arrest

Conrad Hilton has gone too far this time. So says E.G Daily, the mother of Hunter Daily Salomon, whose house Conrad broke into on Saturday. As TMZ reports, Conrad, Paris Hilton’s younger brother was arrested for the attempted break-in and for stealing Hunter’s dad’s Bentley.

E.G Daily told TMZ that she regretted having to call the police on Conrad but that it was absolutely necessary to protect her daughter and herself. She added that this isn’t the first time that Hilton has threatened their security but she didn’t call the police on those other occasions because she knew he was struggling mentally.

“It’s been going on a long time,” she said. “I didn’t want it to be a big deal which is why some of the time I didn’t call the police because to me it was just a matter of somebody not doing well”

“For me jail is not for somebody who needs help so that’s why it was a very tricky situation to where I didn’t want to call the police a lot of the times.”

Conrad and Hunter previously dated. According to Gossip Cop, their relationship ended in late 2014. In May of 2015, Hunter took out a restraining order against Hilton after he threatened to kill himself because he couldn’t be with her. In the court documents, she claimed that Conrad was “potentially violent” and made “unwanted” visits to their home. About a month after the restraining order was granted, Hilton was arrested for breaking into Daily’s home.

TMZ also reported that in October of 2015, police had to be called to subdue Conrad while he attempted to make contact with Hunter at her home. According to that article, Conrad was so out of control that his father, Rick Hilton, also had to be called in order to subdue his 23-year-old son. When Rick Hilton got inside, he was able to calm his son down long enough so that the police could come in and take him into custody. Hunter’s mother, E.G. Daily was reportedly the only person at home when Conrad tried to make contact with his ex-girlfriend on that occasion.

As TMZ reports, although the police were called, he was not charged with breaking the terms of the restraining order because there was no proof that Conrad had been served the document that should have prevented him from trying to see Hunter. He was, however, charged with trespassing on that occasion.

Hilton has also caused some other trouble as well. As Inquisitr previously reported, in 2015, Paris Hilton’s little brother was thrown out of a club. The police were called and when they arrived Conrad tried to get them to stop the paparazzi from filming while his friend argued with the bouncer.

According to NBC News, Conrad has been on probation for threatening flight attendants on a British Airways flight. He also spent two months in jail last year for using illegal drugs, namely cocaine, which was a violation of that probation.

On this recent arrest, Conrad Hilton was charged with stealing a car and for violating the restraining order that Hunter has out on him. NBC News reports that he was arrested around 5 a.m at a house in the Hollywood Hills. He was allegedly in the stolen car, a Bentley owned by Hunter’s father, Rick Salamon.


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