June 19, 2013
Death in the Family? Press Junkets Must Go On

You can't help feeling for celebs when they've been foisted off into the public eye after a particularly tragic something has happened. Cameron Diaz has been making the rounds for What Happens in Vegas and she's been choking down tears along the way after her father's unexpected death. Since the extra slimmed-down starlet made her first appearance since his death at the film's premiere on May 1st, the press rounds have continued at their usual fervent pace.

Cameron may have showed signs of the pressure of being "up" all the time during an emotional Good Morning America interview today, where she smiled and simultaneously looked close to an emotional meltdown, stating "Well you know, it's one of things you don't really sum it up in a few words. I just think we're so fortunate as a family to have the family that we have and my father, he was dad." After reading that little gem a few times, it doesn't really make much sense. Clearly Cameron has other things on her mind, but the show must gone on, mustn't it?

Think it comes with the territory? It certainly does. But it also reminds us of something else-- life just doesn't stop.

Images: WireImage, Getty