‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 89 Recap And Review: Tien Disappoints As Universe 6 Reveals Real Lady Broly

Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 currently stands as one of the most polarizing episodes in the ongoing anime series so far. While the episode itself was promoted and teased to feature the return of Tien as a formidable fighter, the episode almost made it seem like the veteran martial artist was a jobber from WWE. While Tien’s segment in DBS Ep 89 was rather disappointing, however, scenes involving the Universe 6 fighters have proven that Caulifla, the female Saiyan introduced last week, was not the Legendary Super Saiyan featured in the Tournament of Power previews. As revealed in the recently aired episode, that honor belongs to Kale, another female Saiyan who would be fighting for the U6 team.

Over the course of the episode, many fans lamented that Tenshinhan was simply a placeholder for Roshi, Goku, and Yurin, the sorceress teased in the Ep 89 previews. With Tien’s dojo under attack from Yurin’s dark magic, Goku and the DB franchise’s favorite triclops had their hands full. Things quickly took a turn for the worse, however, when Master Roshi himself became possessed, according to noted fan-translator Todd Blankenship. With Roshi under Yurin’s spell, the ancient fighter began to wreak havoc, beating even Tien in battle. It was only after some strategy, and Goku’s interference, that order was resumed in the triclops’ dojo.

Overall, numerous fans in online forums such as Reddit have noted that the episode dealt far too much with Master Roshi and far too little with Tenshinhan. Apart from this, Roshi’s power was on full display in DBS Episode 89, with the aged fighter even trading blows with Goku. Tien, on the other hand, was only referred to as having trained consistently, and when it really came down to it, the fighter proved to be a disappointment as he was completely defeated by the possessed Master Roshi.

Considering that Master Roshi could not even hold a candle to the raw power of most of the Universe 7 fighters, Tien’s place in the team could not be any more awkward. After all, if the triclops could not even hold back Roshi, he would practically be insignificant when compared to the other fighters in the Universe 7 team, let alone the other warriors from the rest of the DBS multiverse. Simply put, unless Tien receives a massive power-up in the episodes to come, his inclusion in the U7 representative team for the Tournament of Power seems to be a bit illogical.

Not everything was disappointing in Dragon Ball Super Episode 89, however, as the anime also featured the introduction of Universe 6’s most interesting fighter to date. With Cabba still recruiting members for the U6 representative team, viewers were able to get a glimpse of another female fighter, a female Saiyan named Kale. Very little was said about Kale onscreen, but references to the character have been recently discovered by avid DB fans in the Dragon Ball Super official website. According to a brief bio, Kale is a female Saiyan who could transform into a berserker state once she fully lets go of her power and rage. Simply put, Kale is the real Lady Broly.

Universe 6’s female Saiyans have been a point of interest among fans of the anime series, with Caulifla’s introduction last week encouraging most viewers to assume that the fighter would be the Legendary Super Saiyan who was teased in the Universe Survival Arc previews. While Caulifla’s personality and appearance did not line up with the LSSJ who was featured in the teasers, numerous fans simply assumed that DBS‘ producers changed the fighter’s design since the previews aired. As it turned out, however, things were completely different.

With Kale proven as a completely different character from Caulifla, Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 has confirmed that the Tournament of Power will debut not just one, but two female Saiyans. Even more interesting, Kale, the less assertive of the two, could transform into the Legendary Super Saiyan form, which would, in turn, make the iconic form canon. With such powerhouse fighters in its team, Universe 6 is building up to be one of the most formidable units in the upcoming Tournament of Power.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]