‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Chad Catches Abigail On A Date With Dario, Retaliates With Nasty Custody Battle?

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that the situation between Chad and Abigail is about to get even worse. The couple, who recently split, seem to be headed for a major battle, and their son, Thomas, could be stuck in the middle yet again.

According to Soap Hub, Chad DiMera will not be happy when he sees his estranged wife, Abigail Deveraux, out on what seems to be a date. Chad will reportedly get angry and jealous when he walks in on Abigail and Dario, with his son, Thomas, looking like a happy little family. However, Abigail seemingly doesn’t want to date Dario. She only looks at him as a friend. Sadly, Chad won’t see things her way.

Actress Marci Miller, who plays Abigail on Days of Our Lives, says that Dario is “a distraction” for Abby, who has no other friends to turn to during this hard transition in her life. Miller adds that Dario convinces Abigail to go out and celebrate her new job at the police station, and she reluctantly agrees.

“It’s only awkward, because he’s said he loves her, but Dario kind of convinces Abigail to go by saying, ‘Hey, all that aside, I just want to be your bud. That’s what this is – a happy new job dinner.’ So she goes, because she just needs a distraction,” Miller said. “The job is the first step. With it, comes a variety of things. She’s rented her own room at the B&B. She’s not going to stay with her mom anymore. It really gets the ball rolling on all kinds of things.”

Meanwhile, Marci Miller states that Abigail will feel bad when Chad finds them together, looking cozy.

“It’s awkward on all accounts. There’s a part of Abigail that feels really badly. She never wants Chad to think that she’s romantically involved with or interested in Dario, because she really, truly, genuinely is not at all, but at the same time there is a fair amount of, ‘Hey, dude. The way you’re feeling right now, multiply that times 100 and that’s how I felt for the last six months of my life. At least there really isn’t anything here. You really were in love with my best friend.’ It’s a complex situation.”

Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that Chad’s jealousy and anger over seeing Abigail and Dario with Thomas will lead him to fight for custody of his son. The site claims that Chad will feel like he’s being replaced as Thomas’ father and he’ll be outraged by the fact that Abigail is letting Dario get so close to their son. Chad is already having a very hard time accepting Abigail’s decision to leave him, so seeing his wife with another man will be especially hard for him to deal with.

Days of Our Lives viewers have already seen Chad and Abigail argue over the fact that Abby took Thomas without telling Chad, so a custody battle shouldn’t shock fans. Sadly, this will be the second time that Chad will have to battle for custody of his son. Previously, when it was believed that Abigail was dead, her mother, Jennifer Horton, fought hard for custody of the baby boy. The battle got ugly, and in the end, Chad decided to give up and let Jennifer have Thomas. The end result was Lucas and Adrienne moving into the DiMera mansion to help Chad parent Thomas. Later, when it was revealed that Abigail was still alive, she moved in to the mansion, and she and Chad reconnected.

Many Days of Our Lives fans believe that Chad and Abigail will eventually end up back together, but as for now, the couple will be battling, and it should make for an interesting storyline.

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