Shawn Booth Talks Near-Fatal Car Crash, Celebrates 2-Year Engagement Anniversary With Kaitlyn Bristowe

Shawn Booth is opening up about the head-on car accident that nearly cost him his life before he met fiancee Kaitlyn Bristowe on The Bachelorette. According to People, Booth recently talked to Triathlete magazine about the near-fatal wreck he was involved in shortly after graduating from Keene State College in New Hampshire when he was 29 years old. Shawn spent two weeks in the ICU and then two full months in the hospital, losing 30 pounds during the 10-week ordeal.

Shawn has taken on a “seize the day” attitude when it comes to his life.

“My best friend, Kyle Christianson, served as a Marine sniper in Iraq,” Booth says in the June 2017 issue of the sports magazine.

“He and I talk a lot about how we’re living on bonus time. How we shouldn’t be here, how lucky we are. When I’m an old man, I want to look back and be like, ‘Wow, that was one crazy life.'”

Today Shawn works as a personal trainer, and he credits Kaitlyn with helping him with his workout schedule. Booth said Bristowe is “really understanding” about all the time he puts into his training and says she helps him with food choices and by mixing up a protein shake and having it ready for him when he gets back from a rigorous training session.

Booth is currently training for the Ironman triathlon and recently ran the Rock & Roll half marathon in an impressive one hour and 49 minutes.

Shawn told People he trains three to four hours a day, but at least once a week, he works out with The Bachelorette star.

“I’ll put her through a full-body workout,” Shawn said.

“We’ll hit the legs, core, arms, back — everything. I really like to do an hour long with her, just fast, hard, keep the heart rate up and just get after it. We always do full-body workouts together…It’s pretty funny because she likes to talk back to me. We always joke that she doesn’t do that with her other trainer. It’s a relationship thing where she thinks she can tell me no, she doesn’t want to do that, or she wants to do something else. I’m like, ‘Sorry babe, got to do it.’ “

Booth told Triathlete he’s grateful for even being able to train for such a massive event after his near fatal accident.

“I’m lucky to be even doing this at all,” Booth told the magazine.

In addition to his renewed lease on life, Shawn Booth has another cause for celebration. Booth recently celebrated his two-year engagement anniversary with Kaitlyn. The too-cute couple posted their milestone on Instagram, with Kaitlyn captioning a pic with a message to Shawn.

Shawn later captioned a photo of his lady love to pay tribute to the anniversary of their May 4, 2015, engagement day.

“I am one lucky guy to have been able to spend the last two years of my life with this beautiful, intelligent, funny strong, and bad a** woman!” Booth wrote.

“Thank you for the greatest 2 years, thank you for being you, and thank you for, well ya know, Riiiiickk.”

Diehard Bachelorette fans may know that “Rick” is the name Bristowe has given herself when she face swaps with Booth.

You can see Shawn Booth first telling Kaitlyn Bristowe about his near fatal car accident in the Bachelorette scene in the video below.

[Featured Image by Jason Davis/Getty Images for St. Jude]