June 29, 2017
‘Yuri On Ice’ Movie Plot: 'YOI' Animated Feature Film’s Storyline Moves Beyond Yuri and Victor, Claim Rumors

Yuri On Ice, a beautiful sports anime television series about competitive male figure skaters and their messy relationships, is getting its own full-length feature film. Although the creators refrained from offering more details, based on the information from Season 1 of YOI as well as the interview of YOI's creator, Mitsurou Kubo, the storyline and plot of Yuri On Ice film is fairly guessable, claim fans.

The creators of immensely popular Japanese direct-to-TV anime Yuri!!! On Ice recently confirmed its full-length theatrical feature, reported Comic Book. Although YOI fans were impatiently waiting for the confirmation of Season 2 of Yuri On Ice, the anime's sequel hasn't been officially green lit, yet. Fortunately, MAPPA Studios, the creators of the anime as well as the feature film, have promised that the YOI movie is brand-new. In other words, Yuri and Victor's story will continue on the silver screen, and the YOI movie won't be a recompilation of the television anime. In the past, there have been a few events wherein fans watched a complete marathon of all the episodes of Season 1 of Yuri On Ice. Although the events were a huge hit, and tickets were sold within minutes of being available, fans have been posting regularly on the social media demanding a sequel.

Although the creators confirmed YOI theatrical feature was in production, the movie's storyline hasn't been revealed completely. Fortunately, the creative genius behind Yuri On Ice, Mitsurou Kubo, has clearly implied in one of her interviews that she has some material from the first season of YOI and that she too, wants a sequel to Yuri and Victor's beautiful story. Strangely, the show's writer had also dropped some hints about the possibilities in a rather rare English interview. However, it appears the YOI movie could be made and released before Season 2 of Yuri On Ice is officially announced. Based on the information offered by Kubo, there is ample material for Yuri On Ice movie's plot and storyline, claim fans.


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The first season of Yuri On Ice ended with one of the best closures for an anime that was only 12 episodes long. However, only towards the end, did Yuri's journey towards self-realization actually begin. It was at the end of the anime that the talented athlete realized he still had a lot to offer to the world of competitive skating. On the other end, Victor's abilities as a coach were firmly established in the final few episodes.

Although the anime clearly implied the two athletes were romantically drawn towards each other, it didn't have time to explore the beautiful but messy relationship between a student and his teacher after the duo realized the emotional connection. Yuri On Ice feature film could easily explore the relationship between Yuri and Victor after the championship that the former wins. Kubo had skillfully inserted several endearing scenes that implied a very strong chemistry between the two. Moreover, it was amply clear that Victor sensed Yuri was a very promising figure skater, and the teacher within him was stirred. Apart from the leading characters, every competitive figure skater depicted in the anime was surprisingly detailed. Kubo had revealed that she wanted every character to be as good as Yuri and Victor. Hence rumors claim the YOI film could explore stories of a few of these characters as well.

It is quite likely that Yuri On Ice movie will be made as a romantic comedy animation. Although there isn't much information at present, the producers of the anime movie have promised to release more shortly. Incidentally, along with the confirmation about the movie, the creators also announced the release date of the final set of the TV anime's Blu-ray set, which contains some exciting bonus content. The Blu-ray of the TV anime, with bonus Yuri Plisetsky GPF in Barcelona EX "Welcome to The Madness," will be released on May 26.

[Featured Image by Mitsurō Kubo/Yuri!!! On Ice/Funimation]