Dr. Anthony Garcia: Stripper Told Of Revenge Killings By Fired Omaha, Creighton Doctor On ’48 Hours’

The Dr. Anthony Garcia Omaha revenge killing case will play out on CBS 48 Hours. Authorities say that the disgraced doctor wanted to exact revenge after he believed doctors in the pathology department at Creighton University had ruined his life. The victims were 11-year-old Thomas Hunter, 57-year-old Shirlee Sherman, 65-year-old Dr. Roger Brumback and his wife, Mary Brumback, according to CBS 48 Hours’ coverage.

Hunter and Sherman were killed in their Dundee home in 2008, and the Brumbacks were murdered in 2013. The Brumback and Hunter murder cases went cold for years before the mystery was finally solved. Last year, Inquisitr brought you the story when it aired on Dateline.

In the 48 Hours episode titled, “Resident Evil.” Omaha investigators will describe how they built their crime investigation and eventually connected the murders of four people to Dr. Anthony Garcia.

On 48 Hours, detectives describe the day that Dr. William Hunter came home and found his son, Thomas Hunter, and his housekeeper, Shirlee Sherman, dead in a pool of blood. Dr. Hunter, a Creighton University doctor, had been at a meeting before he arrived home. He suspected that something was off when he saw his housekeeper’s car still parked outside.

Detectives analyzing the crime scene believe that Thomas Hunter was murdered first, the Omaha World Herald reported. They think the killer, Anthony Garcia, confronted Hunter after he arrived home from school and stabbed him.

Police theorized that housekeeper Shirlee Sherman heard the commotion and tried to run but was caught and stabbed by the killer. A kitchen knife was also found protruding from her neck.

The killings were especially gruesome, and the crime struck fear in Shirley Street residents. What was even more disturbing was that there were no footprints, fingerprints, and no suspects.

Five years later, in 2013, a West Omaha, Nebraska, couple was found dead in their home. Authorities say Dr. Roger Brumback and his wife, Mary Brumback, died of knife wounds to the body. Dr. Brumback had also been shot.

The style of the murders was similar to the Hunter Sherman killings of 2008. Believing that the murders were connected to the Creighton Pathology Department, detectives combed through their records and targeted Anthony Garcia as a prime suspect. Garcia was a former Creighton University resident who had been fired in 2001.

As they traced former Dr. Anthony Garcia’s steps, they were able to find proof that he had purchased a gun. They were also able to place him at one of the murder scenes through credit card and bankcard records.

When the investigation led them to a Terre Haute, Indiana, stripper, she told them that Anthony Garcia had tried to impress her by stating that he had killed a young boy and a woman. He made the statement to the exotic dancer after she told him that she liked “bad boys.” Anthony Garcia met the stripper after he had relocated to Indiana.

As police searched further, the motive was clear. Anthony Garcia’s life was unraveling. He was unable to find a job as a doctor because his prior record confirmed that he had been fired for unprofessional conduct. According to People, detective Derek Mois said the following.

“Detectives discovered a disconcerting scene inside Garcia’s home: empty rooms and closets; a practically barren refrigerator; and mortgage and insurance policies and other financial documents stacked on the dining table. ‘He was not working regularly So it looked to us collectively like his life was falling apart.'”

The 48 Hours episode tonight will review exactly how police solved the case. It airs tonight at 10/9 p.m. Central on CBS. The Anthony Garcia case inspired an episode of Law and Order. It was also documented on John Walsh’s America’s Most Wanted.

[Featured Image by Nati Harnik/AP Images]