Justin Bieber Back To ‘Brat’ Status After Ridiculous Demands List Leaked

Justin Bieber once again refueled the “spoiled brat” criticism after his ridiculous demands list for his upcoming India tour went viral. The bizarre list included demands for a backstage Jacuzzi and meals named after Bieber’s songs.

Justin Bieber has been in the center of high-profile and bizarre controversies several times in recent years, with the media labeling the “What Do You Mean” hitmaker as a “spoiled brat.”

But even the infamous mug shot that went viral in 2014, after Justin Bieber was arrested for driving under the influence, cannot possibly compare to the bizarre demands list for his upcoming tour in India, that reveals that the 23-year-old singer wants to be pampered like a diva.

While Justin Bieber’s performance at the DY Patil Stadium in Mumbai is scheduled for May 10, the singer makes his preparations beforehand.

This is the first time the singer will perform in India, so naturally Biebs wants to make his stay there as comfortable as possible. Indian music journalist Arjun S. Ravi leaked a ridiculous demands list from Justin Bieber’s team that makes sure the “Love Yourself” singer is satisfied with his stay.

The images containing a press release from Justin Bieber’s crew include non-negotiable demands such as “a convoy of 10 luxury sedans and 2 Volvo buses” for Justin and his massive 120-person-strong entourage, all of whom have two five-star Indian hotels booked in their entirety for them, according to the Mirror.

Justin Bieber, who was arrested for DUI three years ago, surely loves driving, which is why the “Sorry” singer has demanded a private Rolls Royce for himself.

Justin Bieber also made sure that nothing will threaten his safety during his stay in India, as the 23-year-old singer demanded to have Z-level security by the Maharashtra Police, in addition to his personal 8-member security detail.

But it’s not just Justin Bieber and his massive entourage and security staff that are making their way from the U.S. to India via airplanes. Bieber has requested for such items as ping pong tables, PlayStation, IO HAWK, a massage table – and many other items that can be commonly found pretty much anywhere – to be transported to India to be used backstage.

Speaking of backstage, the ridiculousness of Justin Bieber’s demands has exceeded all expectations as the singer is asking for a Jacuzzi to be made for his personal use “to unwind before he takes to the stage,” according to the leaked list of demands.

While Justin Bieber and his 120-member entourage will be living in two five-star hotels booked fully for them, the singer’s personal suite is a large 1,000-square-foot that will be redesigned to look more rustic.

In fact, Justin Bieber is basically trying to turn the Indian hotel into his private villa on all four full days of his stay in India, as the singer also wants one elevator to be blocked for his personal use alone.

The list of bizarre demands also reveals that Justin Bieber is quite picky when it comes to food. The “Sorry” singer will be fed with vegetables seasoned with ranch sauce, diced fruit, organic bananas, and seedless grapes.

The list of food preferences of Justin Bieber also goes on to include such snacks as organic turkey, green and banana peppers, provolone cheese, and even colby.

Justin Bieber doesn’t want to be hungry while performing either, which is why the “What Do You Mean” hitmaker requested white sliced bread, potato chips, Ghiradelli dark chocolate, white cheddar popcorn, and several other foods to be placed backstage.

On top of that, Justin Bieber has requested to have top Indian culinary chefs cooking five dishes per day for him, and each meal has to be renamed after his popular songs.

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