WWE Rumors: Former Women’s Champion Has More Nude Photos & Video Leaked Online, Victoria Receives Fan Support

The most recent WWE rumors within the past week have focused on current and former WWE women’s wrestling stars having nude photos leaked. The latest who has become victimized by a hacker stealing her photos and having them leaked online is Lisa Marie Varon who wrestled as “Victoria” in the WWE. In just the past week, she has become the second major women’s wrestling star to have been affected by this. However, despite the Victoria nude photos that are leaked online, her fans are showing plenty of support to the former champion.

According to a report from PW Mania on Friday, the former WWE women’s star had a few photos leaked several months ago, but an even bigger leak took place over the past few days. The latest leak saw more of Victoria’s explicit photos and videos ending up online, at websites that unscrupulously chose to violate the former star’s privacy. It’s reported that Varon’s photos were obtained through an online hacking attack of various celebrities’ Cloud accounts. Over the past several weeks or months, Victoria is one of several other documented women’s wrestlers and Hollywood celebrities who had private content stolen and shared without permission online.

Former WWE Women's Champion Lisa Maria Varon aka Victoria
Former WWE Women's Champion Lisa Maria Varon aka Victoria is among the latest wrestling stars to be victimized online. [Image by WWE]

The latest leaked content that belonged to Victoria includes a three-minute long video, according to Ringside News. The video includes an unidentified man involved in explicit activities with the former wrestling champion. In addition, the website reports that the leak includes topless mirror selfies and nude shower photos, which have all been shared online without the former WWE star’s permission. So far, it appears that fans of Lisa Marie Varon are supporting her through various messages on the social media site Twitter.

One fan commented, “@REALLiSAMARiE Sad to hear ’bout your leaks, nobody should suffer this.” Another mentioned, “@REALLiSAMARiE don’t worry queen your fans love you!! Ignore the roaches!!” Yet another Twitter user told Varon, ” I hope the leaked video doesnt cause you harm. I still love and admire you very much. :)”

A recent video that Varon posted on her Twitter account notes that she’ll part of a wrestling show in Northern California for All Pro Wrestling (APW) on Saturday night. As of this report, it’s unknown if she’ll be part of a match for the show.

Just within the past week, current WWE SmackDown Live star Charlotte Flair also had nude photos leaked online. She soon tweeted afterward that the photos had been taken from her and posted without her permission. The former WWE Raw Women’s Champion also demanded the photos be removed from the internet and has since been involved in wrestling matches overseas for a WWE live show tour. During March of this year, the same situation happened to another former women’s wrestling champion, Paige. She had not only explicit photos of herself released but also video footage of her participating in explicit activities. Two other wrestling stars, former Raw GM Brad Maddox and current SmackDown superstar Xavier Woods, were part of some of the video footage that was leaked.

Former WWE Women's star Victoria in match
Lisa Marie Varon aka 'Victoria' is a former five-time WWE women's champion. [Image by WWE]

Other leaked content has surfaced in the past months from former WWE stars Kaitlyn, Melina Perez, and rumored-to-be-returning WWE star, Maria Kanellis-Bennett. In addition, current WWE Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss has tweeted online about fake explicit photos of herself that are circulating online that she wants to be removed. A report from Heavy indicates that Seth Rollins and Summer Rae are other current wrestling stars who have had fake content featuring themselves posted online.

Victoria was WWE Women’s Champion twice during her career in WWE which spanned from about a decade (2000 to 2010). Once departing WWE, she joined the competitor, TNA Nonstop Action Wrestling and worked with them for about four years. She’s held the TNA Knockout Champion five times and teamed up with Brooke Tessmacher to have one title reign with the TNA Knockouts Tag Team titles. Currently, it appears that the 46-year-old is working with various independent wrestling promotions including APW, while also attending wrestling shows or conventions. More information about Lisa Marie aka Victoria’s latest wrestling show for Saturday night is available at the Universe.com website.

[Featured Image by WWE]