Phaedra Parks’ ‘Chocolate’ Girl Friend Revealed

Did Phaedra Parks really mess around behind Apollo Nida’s back with a man from Africa with the nickname of “Mr. Chocolate?” A sneak peek of the final part of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 reunion show to air on Sunday night shows that viewers will see Phaedra, much to Kandi Burruss’ skepticism, deny that there was ever a “Mr. Chocolate.” According to Phaedra, the only “Chocolate” in her life is a girl friend who goes by the nickname “Whyte Chocolate.” Who is this girl friend?

She is Monique Williams, who on her Instagram page describes herself as a “retired video vixen” who is now a NFL wife and the CEO of GlitterTees. She also describes herself as “Whyte Chocolate.”

Last fall, Monique posted a tribute to Phaedra in honor of her birthday. Monique called Phaedra her “ride or die,” her “day one,” and her “always and forever bff.” Monique’s tribute consisted of a collage of them through the years.

Some of the photos included in Monique’s tribute to Phaedra were taken during Monique’s baby shower thrown in celebration of the impending birth of her daughter. In February, 2015, right after viewers watched Apollo, on Season 7, accuse Phaedra of cheating on him with a “Mr. Chocolate,” Phaedra introduced her followers to her girl friend “Whyte Chocolate” by posting a photo of herself with Monique during her baby shower.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, both NeNe Leakes and Kandi, who were Phaedra’s friends during the filming and airing of Season 7, actually defended Phaedra from Apollo’s cheating accusation at that time. Co-star Kenya Moore, however, accused Phaedra of running a smear campaign against Apollo simply to deflect attention from the cheating accusation made against her. Kenya maintained that Phaedra was really cheating with a “Mr. Chocolate.”

Phaedra and Monique seem to be still be good friends. About eight weeks ago, in response to an Instagram post that Monique posted warning others to not go after her, Phaedra left an encouraging comment.

Interestingly enough, it seems that Shamea Morton, whom viewers saw lash out at Phaedra on part 3 of the reunion show for claiming that she had a sexual relationship with both Kandi and Todd Tucker, actually knows Phaedra’s friend. When Monique posted a photo of herself with her daughter last Thanksgiving, Shamea responded to the Instagram photo with a heart-eyes emoji.

A sneak peek of part 4 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta shows host Andy Cohen reading a viewer’s question questioning Kandi Burruss on how she basically accused Phaedra Parks of cheating on Apollo Nida during their marriage. Kandi maintains that Phaedra did have a romantic interest in another man. Kandi explains that the reason why she outed Phaedra was because Phaedra was making her out to be the bad person.

“The reason why I said, ‘I never used the word cheating,’ is because people have different terms of what they consider cheating to be. I said that she was talking to somebody. The reason why the conversation went there between she and I is because I felt like she was telling people like I wasn’t there for her and stuff and I’m like, ‘But girl the reason why I didn’t call you and stuff was because you was already talking to people so I’m thinking you cool.’ If you have a interest in somebody else and you’re moving on and you’re saying, ‘Yeah this is the one. Me and this dude, we’re gonna be married by the top of the year,’ you’re not feeling like…she’s falling apart over there.”

When Phaedra says that Kandi knew that she wasn’t having sex with any other men, Kandi retorts that she never said that she was. Phaedra points out that the implication was that she behaved inappropriately during her marriage. Kandi maintains that she had to defend herself because Phaedra made her seem like a bad friend. Kandi further maintains that Phaedra was indeed talking to another man around the time that Apollo was beginning his prison sentence.

“I was saying to you that I did not like the fact that you was trying to like make it seem like I wasn’t doing this and I was so bad when there was never a reason for me to just be calling every day like that because you were talking to somebody else. You were happy that you were able to move on with your life at that time.”

When Andy asks Phaedra’s good friend Porsha Williams if she was aware that Phaedra was talking to another man before Apollo went away, Porsha says that she wasn’t. Andy then asks Phaedra if there was a “Mr. Chocolate” that she was talking to. Phaedra admits that she was talking to another man but that it didn’t go further than that.

“There was a man I was speaking to that was encouraging me. I was going through a very rough time. We would talk on the phone, send a text, never seen him, never held his hand…”

Andy asks if this is the man Apollo was talking about when he accused Phaedra of fooling around his back with a “Mr. Chocolate.” Phaedra says no. According to Phaedra, Apollo mistakenly thought that she was fooling around with a “Mr. Chocolate” because she has a good girl friend with the nickname ‘Whyte Chocolate’

“No. The ‘Chocolate’ that he is talking about is my good friend, which is ‘Whyte Chocolate.'”

As Phaedra issues her denial, Kandi rolls her eyes while Kenya Moore lets out an exasperated, “Oh please.”

The “Mr. Chocolate” claim from The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 7 was brought up again on season 9, this time by Phaedra’s former friend Kandi Burruss. During a lunch together, Kandi accused Phaedra of putting up an act, acting as if she was devastated by Apollo’s incarceration and the end of her marriage when she was actually relieved that Apollo was going away and excited about the prospect of a new relationship. According to Kandi, Phaedra was acting like a victim simply to garner public sympathy and bolster her reputation.

In her confessional interview, Kandi Burruss, now no longer friends with Phaedra Parks, brought up the “Mr. Chocolate” accusation and pretty much said that Phaedra was sexually engaged with him.

“Now I know my name is Kandi but it ain’t chocolate okay and you know you had chocolate melted in your mouth and not in your hands honey!”

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