Melania Trump’s Signature Reveals Telling Details, See What Trump Handwriting Expert Has To Say

First Lady Melania Trump’s signature is revealing some shocking insight by one handwriting expert who has studied Donald Trump’s writing for years. After Melania received a faux fur coat by Pamela Anderson, she wrote a thank you note to the Baywatch star with a distinctive signature.

The thank you letter that Melania Trump wrote to Pamela Anderson was typed on White House stationery, but she added her signature at the bottom. Her autograph was mostly illegible, however.

Graphology experts, those in the field of studying handwriting, analyze the personalities of people based on their handwriting. The shapes, sizes, spacing, and height of the letters can detect more than 5,000 personality traits, according to Daily Mail.

Sheila Kurtz, the founder and CEO of Graphology Consulting Group in New York and operator of, tells Yahoo Celebrity that she’s been studying the handwriting of President Trump since before The Apprentice aired on television. The handwriting expert was stunned at how identical Melania Trump’s signature resembled President Trump’s.

Is Melania Trump’s signature authentically her own style of writing? Kurtz alleges that the first lady’s handwriting is “stylized.”

“This is stylized. Maybe they brought someone in to show her how to do it or [it’s] a stamp, but it is definitely stylized.”

Celebrities and public figures are known to depend on template signatures because they get a lot of mail.

What else does Melania’s signature reveal to Kurtz? Apparently, it means Melania is also “private.”

“When someone writes, and you can’t really read what they’re writing, they don’t want you to read them at all.”

Kurtz doesn’t just examine a signature, but a whole page of handwriting to learn more about what kind person the writer is. Melania Trump’s signature sent a clear message to Kurtz that she’s “a sharp thinker, a fast thinker, and picks up information quickly.”

Her analysis that Melania Trump has these traits is derived from the first letter going “up into a point, that’s pretty sharp and direct and gets right to it. The downstrokes — those two lines in her last name — those are very sharp.” Kurtz claims sharp, straight lines indicate to her that someone is a sharp and fast thinker.

When it comes to Donald Trump, Kurtz has always declared that he’s “very analytical and sharp. He’s blunt — the obvious is all there.”

Kurtz studied Trump’s signatures after he became president and signed numerous documents. She said some changes have occurred, such as his autograph looking more “blocked up with ink.” She likens it to blood vessels being blocked up not allowing the blood to flow. Nevertheless, the president’s “sharpness” is still there, Kurtz explains. His letters still have the pointed tops but are now more clogged up.

“It has a lot to do with his expression, how he expresses himself. The tallness is the vanity,” Kurtz says.

In fact, when it comes to vanity, Kurtz imparts that no one else has written with as much of it as Trump has. Not even the signatures on the Constitution have the type of stylized signature that Trump possesses. The handwriting expert goes on to say that one of the reasons Trump’s signature is so tall is that he “has to be big, he has to be powerful.”

It’s not necessarily a shock to learn that the first lady is a private person. Many would argue that it doesn’t take a handwriting expert to come up with that conclusion. Do you agree that Melania Trump’s signature reveals that she’s a sharp individual who’s also a fast thinker?

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]