Melissa McCarthy Morphs Into Her ‘Oh So Pretty’ Sean Spicer In Viral ‘SNL’ Promo

Saturday Night Live has a lot to work with so far this week, but it’s their new promo with Melissa McCarthy doing an “oh so pretty” impersonation of Sean Spicer that just might entice you to tune in. McCarthy dances while lip-syncing to the song “I Feel Pretty.” Then when she makes her transformation into Sean Spicer you can decide if she is still “oh so pretty” or not, which is another lyric from the song.

It looks like Saturday Night Live is taking some liberties with a song that Leonard Berstein cranked out several decades ago for the 1957 musical, West Side Story. The song became very popular once that Broadway Musical was turned into a movie version of West Side Story. It was Natalie Wood who sang “I Feel Pretty,” on the silver screen back in 1961 in the role of Maria, which is seen below in the YouTube video from that flick.

It also looks like the iconic Saturday Night Live venue is taking a big chance attempting to conjure up the laughs by utilizing the song from West Side Story, while morphing McCarthy into her Sean Spicer role. She “feels pretty, oh so pretty” up until there’s a transformation, that is. McCarthy, who is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, couldn’t pick a better week for Sean Spicer antics. The White House Press Secretary has given the writers plenty of fuel for laughs. He was seen in a huddle with his staff behind some bushes and later that day he gave an impromptu press conference in between a couple of trees in the dark, according to Washington Post.

The Kansas City Star reports that there’s a “growing buzz” coming from the fans of Melissa McCarthy in anticipation of what Saturday Night Live has in store this week. McCarthy started her Saturday Night Live Sean Spicer impersonation back in February and it was an instant hit that folks just can’t get enough of.

It is only Thursday and the White House Secretary has given the writers at Saturday Night Live plenty of fuel for thought with some of the antics he demonstrated this week so far. According to the Kansas City Star, Spicer “hid near/around/behind some bushes outside the White House.” He did this on the same night Trump suddenly fired FBI director James Comey.


According to the Washington Post, Spicer had just finished up a brief interview with Fox News on the grounds of the White House when he “then disappeared into the shadows, huddling with his staff near a clump of bushes and then behind a tall hedge.” The only way back to his office entailed Spicer passing by the swarm of press waiting to hear why President Trump fired the FBI director.

Spicer originally thought a statement via email would suffice, but according to the Washington Post, that was like the Pony Express compared to offering a statement via mainstream media news. So he hollered out the statement while standing in the doorway of the White House press room, which was heard by anyone within earshot to Spicer.


After Spicer appeared at the doorway, he and his staff members made a B-line to his office and the door was locked behind him. His staff emerged not too long afterward to say that there would be nothing more said on the FBI director’s firing at this time. The Washington Post continued describing the scene as it unfolded. They convey how Spicer announced there’d be nothing more on Comey’s firing, “But as Democrats and Republicans began to criticize and question the firing with increasing levels of alarm,” that decision changed.

Spicer was next spotted “speed-walking” with staff in tow up the White House driveway to “defend the president on CNN, Fox News, and Fox Business.” Spicer agreed to answer questions but insisted the lights be turned off. According to the Washington Post, Spicer ordered, “Just turn the lights off. Turn the lights off,” he said. “We’ll take care of this. Can you just turn that light off?”

Standing between two hedges in the darkness, Spicer fielded questions from the dozen or so reporters who shot one question after another in an attempt to get the scoop on the firing of the director of the FBI. The White House Press Secretary was visibly frustrated at times during this impromptu question and answer period.

Spicer’s antics, along with Trump actually firing James Comey, gives Saturday Night Live a treasure trove of material for their show this week. Fans of the Saturday night show have offered up their thoughts of Spicer scenes for McCarthy to play out this week. They are also commenting on how Spicer has offered up plenty of fuel for comedy this week for the NBC writers at Saturday Night Live.


[Featured Image by Phil McCarten/AP Images]